Vanderpump Rules & Lies

When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills first started I was not a fan of Lisa Vanderpump. I thought she was pretentious and didn’t quite get her sense of humor, which was weird as my Dad was English, I have lived in England, and was raised on BBC comedies. I just didn’t get her, but over the years I grew to think she was quite fabulous and thought her marriage was lovely.

When Vanderpump Rules started I watched, and still do, even though I am too old to relate to these people. They are closer in age to my child than me, but I watch in fascination as these 30 something adults act like they are still in high school. I was married, a mother, and a homeowner at 30 so it is odd to see these people seemingly not have their lives together.

I think Lisa Vanderpump likes being famous, sees herself as the leader of the pack, and takes great pride in being the breakout star of Beverly Hills. From her spin off, to being on Dancing With The Stars, she has arrived. She was not particularly likeable on DWTS, and Vanderpump Rules is scripted and arranged television, but there are still moments she is fabulous.

She is also quite shady, manipulative, and in the end a liar, just like her Vanderpump Rules costar Schaena Marie. If you are willing to spend five minutes on the Internet looking around about the history of these two women you will find out rather quickly they are lying fame whores. Bless them. It’s quite interesting so I thought I would share a video.

Schaena worked at Villa Blanca and when Vanderpump Rules started, Lisa brought her over to SUR. Schaena says she was sleeping with Eddie Cibrian but did not know he was married. In this video from Access Hollywood in 2009, Schaena says she knew Eddie was married but continued to sleep with him after she found out was having another baby with his wife.

He was married, expecting a baby, sleeping with LeAnn Rimes, but Schaena wanted to “have a good summer” and kept on sleeping with him. I find it hard to believer that Lisa did not know this about Schaena, yet played dumb about the whole thing. I believe Lisa knew exactly who Scheana was, used her notoriety to help Vanderpump Rules, and lied to Brandi’s face.


At the end of the day who cares? These people are doing their thing and I say more power to them. They are making money, getting fame, have lots of fans, and that is all good. I just don’t get how they can all expect to lie and have us not find out. Schaena is a whore. Period. Lisa knew and opted to support Schaena anyway and will not take ownership of it.

I don’t care what people lie about because I am smart and know it is all lies with a touch of reality, not reality with some little white lies. Lisa Vanderpunp or “Vanderc**t as she is commonly referred to on the Internet, is shady. She has been accused of selling stories to the tabloids, using her tabloid relationships to have stories pulled, and it is odd.

Of all the women on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she is the most successful, beautiful, funny, charming, and overall appealing. It would appear she is also the most fame hungry and has the farthest distance to fall from grace. She had it all. We loved her and thought she was the classy one in a see of not so classy, but in the end she got bit I the ass.

The reality fame bug that ruins lives, kills marriages, damages friendships, and threatens livelihoods has bit Lisa is her rather fabulous arse and rather than take the high road, she is travelling through the reality gutter with her SUR skanks instead of being a lady. It’s just TV and not life altering, but the lying is disrespectful those who watch and enjoy these shows.

On Vanderpump Rules Lisa has a lot of scenes with Schaena that depict their close friendship. I thought she was friends with Brandi? Why befriend a skank? Perhaps Lisa is simply done with Brandi and ready to move on. Joyce looks to be in her sights for a new bestie but that will only last as long as Joyce is on the show, which may not be long. Did Brandi figure Lisa out?

Important to note that I could be totally wrong. One could argue that time will tell, but when it comes to the ladies of reality television even time does not promise truth. If it turns out I am wrong I will say so. Today I believe that Schaena lied, Lisa went along with lie, and it was shady. These women are in it to win it, even if winning requires them to blatantly lie.

I have learned in writing about reality television that not only can you not please everyone, but any opinion that is based in truth and not kissing the ass of someone’s favorite reality star brings a whole lot of crazy out to play.  I write my opinion, this post happens to share documented facts, and people will still hate me for it. Some people are simply unable to keep it real.