Real Housewives of Atlanta Momma Mia Recap

We start this week with Phaedra who is going to Alabama for her mortician exam. She is rude to Apollo and I have to laugh because she was lucky to get him and seems to not care about holding onto him. Not sure why she is going to Alabama as I assume there are mortuary schools in Georgia, but there are a lot of weird things about Ms. Phaedra so whatever.

Over at the Bailey Agency, which I must say just makes me laugh, Apollo has gone to Peter for advice about Phaedra being a bitch. For the love of God. I hate it when they do stuff with just the men. Who cares? Apollo and Peter are friends now? Apollo is taking advice from Peter? He’s screwed if Peter is his go to guy. Peter wants a new car? Maybe get a job?

Over to Kandi, she is getting ready for Todd to get home, says she is setting up the house, putting out cakes, but he is not coming until the next day. What is she doing? I find it confusing to put out cakes a day before. Her assistant/friend Carmen is talking about her mom and telling Kandi she needs to tell her mom to get on board with Todd or he is out. Oh dear.

Interesting that Carmen is the woman Joyce thinks is sleeping with Todd. Carmen quickly shuts it down and pushes Kandi to pull away from her mom, which makes me think she may in fact be canoodling with Todd. Maybe she is just supporting her friend, and I do agree Kandi needs some protection from her money hungry mom, but who knows.

I love these chicks but we are 15 minutes in and nothing. The dinner with Kandi’s mom and Todd is going to be bad, and the cake will be dry because it has been sitting out for hours. We are off to Kenya so maybe something interesting will finally happen. She is moving into a new rental and it is lame. Why she needs all this house makes no sense. She’s a poser.

Kenya is full of crap is my guess. She is moving into a house and cleaning as she goes, rather than have a cleaner come in, which I am guessing she could not afford. She is gossiping, talking crap about Kandi, putting away cereal, and the whole thing, including Kenya, looks fake. We are going to jump to Nene and again hope for some entertainment. Come on Nene!

Nene and Cynthia are grocery shopping. Really? Cynthia is talking to Nene about her 13 year old daughter having a boyfriend. Nene, whose son had a child young with no job and an unstable relationship, lets Cynthia know she needs to stop being a friend to her child, be a mom, and put her foot down. Bravo. The scripted scene is lame, but Nene is good TV.

Back to Kandi’s house, she has a chef in to cook dinner for her and Todd. I honestly cannot pay attention to what Kandi is saying with that hair. It is just too much. She is telling him her mom does not like him and thinks he is an opportunist. Why she would tell him is beyond me. She is testing him which is fine, but don’t do it on camera. It is just not nice

Kandi is torn between her mom and her man and it is sad. I feel really bad for her. Todd says they need to have a talk because he is in it, but cannot go on like it is. They call Joyce and invite her over. I don’t know what Todd’s deal is, but Kandi is not an idiot and she will protect herself and what she has. Momma needs to respect her daughter not just her money.

We finally head over to Porsha, who is living with her mom, taking advantage, and milking her divorce for all its worth. Bless her. She needs to get a job. We see Porsha for about one minute and go back to Cynthia, who is waiting for her daughter’s boyfriend and his parents to come over for a visit. Doing this on television is wrong on so many levels. Bad parenting.

Arthur and his mom arrive and it is painfully uncomfortable. The children clearly do not want to be there, do not want to be on television, and I am mortified that we are watching this. Cynthia is a dingbat and this is embarrassing. We finally leave them and go to Porsha who is with her Mom and sister looking at apartments, but she is not ready to move.

She is a child and while I think she is charming, this is getting old. She got married, she got divorced, grow up. I appreciate what she went through, understand how shocking it all is, but she needs to get it together. We are back to Kenya, then Phaedra, and it would appear Bravo is bored with everyone too because of all the constant jumping around.

We are now being asked to watch Phaedra study with her fellow students. Really? How is this interesting? She is complaining about her husband to these people. Dear Lord.  We are watching “How to ruin your reality TV marriage in 10 easy steps.” by Phaedra Parks. If I were Apollo I would be embarrassed by the constant bitching of his wife.

Time for dinner with Kandi, Todd, and Joyce. Let’s be perfectly clear, Joyce is being a complete bitch. Todd is trying. Joyce is not. Two minutes in and Joyce is talking about the assistant, Carmen, cheating with Todd.  She then talks about how since Todd, Kandi has forgotten she has a family and is pissed off there are no pictures of her in the house. Wow.

Joyce is being an idiot. She loves her daughter’s money more than her daughter. This is horrific to watch. She is now complaining to Todd about Kandi's engagement ring, says it was cheap, and he cannot provide for her daughter. It is seriously uncomfortable to watch. Kandi is not supporting her mom, or Todd, just sitting there smiling and I want it to end.

Joyce is not only asking Todd if he will sign a pre-nup, but wants to know terms and financial arrangements. Joyce has lost her mind, Kandi needs to get some balls, and Todd needs a medal for being patient. Next week looks like it will be drama filled and while drama is good reality TV, this feels like too much and I’m not sure if they are keeping it real.