LeAnn Rimes: Crazy, Stupid, Mean

Just when I think LeAnn Rimes cannot do anything crazier, or dumber, she does something that simply blows my mind. I know it is not kind to make fun of the mentally deficient, but when it comes to Ms. Rimes, I think her craziness and stupidity come in a close second and third to her meanness. This woman is mean all the way to her toes so while yes, crazy and stupid define her, let’s talk today about how incredible mean she is.

Mr. Rimes, her husband, had custody of his children over the Thanksgiving holiday. Important to note Ms. Rimes has no legal rights when it comes to her husband’s children and she is not co-parenting them. Her husband is co-parenting his children with his ex-wife and LeAnn is simply blessed to have these kids in her life. Her job is to love her husband and extend that care to her husband’s kids, but she is not a mother.

The dream of every mother is should her children have a stepparent, that woman love her children as if they were her own. It is what we want for our kids. You can love a child that is not yours with all your heart, but when you disrespect the mother and try to replace her, you are not loving the kids as much as punishing the mother. You must respect the mother as much as you love the kids or it just won’t work.

Back to LeAnn, I won’t talk about her attending parent teacher conferences at the school of her husband’s kids, even though she is not their parent and their mother is there. I won’t bother to talk about how she posts endless pictures on social media of her husband’s kids, exposing them to attention they don’t deserve from her mentally unstable fans and paid friends. I would like to mention however how mean she was on Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Day LeAnn tweeted this message: “Thanksgiving wishes from our blended family to yours. So much love and peace.” Oh dear she really is just so dumb. How does one get through each day when they are so stupid? I digress. To clarify, LeAnn does not have a blended family. She has a stolen family. The only thing blended in LeAnn’s home are the margarita’s she appears to drink on a daily basis.  Time for a lesson Ms. Rimes.

By definition: blended family  [blĕnˈdĭd] noun A blended family is defined as a family made of two parents and their children from previous marriages. An example of a blended family is a woman with two children from a previous marriage who marries a man with three children from a previous marriage. Your family is not blended. You are simply married to a man who has children and it is time you learned your place and stopped being such a bitch.

When Rimes sent her Thanksgiving message, she included a bunch of pictures. I find it fascinating, and by fascinating of course I mean laughable, that she managed to have hair and makeup done for these pictures, yet when she is on tour performing for her fans, she cannot be bothered to even wash her hair. Why is she such a dirty girl for the people who paid a hard earned $5.00 for a concert ticket but glams it up for staged pictures?

Posting those pictures was done for no other reason than to hurt the ex-wife of her husband. Her constant end endless desire to hurt a woman who did nothing wrong is painful to watch. The level to which she is mean to this Brandi Glanville breaks my heart. LeAnn Rimes is a nightmare and the type of woman that all mothers pray will not have access to our children. Her desire to cause pain is more important than respecting these lovely kids.

I could talk about the rotten bananas she had on her day after Thanksgiving table, or the fact that she appeared to serve pizza, but this is not about that. My point is LeAnn Rimes is crazy, stupid, and mean. She is not a parent and if she wants a shot in hell of those kids growing up to respect her, she needs to respect these children she claims to love by honoring their mother. I don’t care how crazy or stupid this woman is, she need not be so mean.

Should Ms. Rimes ever make another record, and I’m not sure she should since she didn’t sell any of her last one, she should call it “Crazy, Stupid, Mean”. It is similar to TLC’s iconic “Crazy Sexy, Cool”, but since Leann is not sexy or cool, likes to steal things from other women, and is mean, “Crazy, Stupid, Mean” should definitely be the name of her next album. I won’t buy it of course, but when I see it I will laugh and laugh. Just keeping it real.