Real Housewives of Atlanta Drags On

One minute I am writing that these women are fabulous and I love them, then not so much. I guess that is how the housewives roll. We love them, and love to not love them. They are great television, polarizing women, and while fun to blog, sometimes hard to watch. We are back with the ladies of the South and begin with Kenya who is taking an acrobat class. Kenya is her most pretty when she has makeup caked on. That’s got to be tough on her skin.

She is all kinds of crazy. Translation: Good TV. Kenya lets us know she is no stranger to having her legs in the air. Charming. Kandi joins her, in work out clothes, but cannot work out because she hurt her ankle, and she is dieting. Okay. She wants to talk about Apollo and Kenya texting and I am a bit bored of this storyline. They have dragged it on long enough. They texted each other, had a flirtation, were inappropriate, and played with fire. Next.

Kandi is a little too invested in the whole thing and looks silly. Bless her. Cut to Porsha, she is in therapy. I am not a fan of televised therapy, not a fan of scorned women claiming their exes are gay, or a fan of women spinning their pain for sympathy. We sympathize with Porsha for a lot of reasons and therapy is not going to help her cause. I am going to skip over the session. Her therapist seems great, but I believe it is unethical to do this on TV.

Nene has gone to visit Cynthia who is milking her surgery to the last possible minute.  I like Nene and think Atlanta has the best fake eyelashes of any of the HW franchises. These women rock those lashes like nobody's business. Kandi calls as Nene visits and Cynthia takes the scripted call. Oy vey. Kandi invites Nene and Cynthia to a get together to help lift Porsha up. They agree to go and after twenty minutes in I am really bored. Come on girls.

Kandi works on her diet by going out for frozen yogurt. I think Kandi looks great. Phaedra joins her and we get caught up on the fact that she is super busy and does not have a lot of time for her husband. There you go. Kandi stirs the pot and starts gossiping about Kenya. She is a yenta to be sure. Phaedra says Kenya offered to blow her husband and it all seems lame. There is no way in hell Phaedra is this calm and the façade will crumble.

Phaedra says that Kenya and Apollo were together in LA, and he had to change hotels because she would not leave him alone. Not buying it. Remember Kenya’s first season when he threw her in the pool? Something is going on there. Ugh. Cut to Cynthia, she is with her 13 year old daughter, who has a boyfriend and they kiss. Dear Lord. Cynthia did not handle this conversation well and filming it was wrong. These women are screwing up their kids and fame is not wroth selling out your children for a storyline.

It is time for lunch with Nene, Cynthia, Porsha, Phaedra, and Kandi. Kenya was not invited. Kandi’s hair is just too much, and nobody else is in the restaurant so they scripted this “lunch” for early morning. Porsha is bitching about Cordell and calls the ladies her “close friends” Really? They are not friends and she is so bitter that she is unable to control herself and is throwing all kinds of shade. That won’t help her in court. Be quiet Porsha.

Porsha is talking about how Cordell wouldn’t let people come visit her and Cynthia chimes in about how wrong it is, yet she just told us last week that Peter does not let her family come over. Hypocrite. Cynthia is married to her own Cordell. Know it. Over to Kenya, she is in her new temporary digs, some hotel that is dirty and dingy. Really? She has moved to 1970.  Nene is hilarious with her criticism of the hotel and insists she take Kenya house shopping.

Kenya lets us know she is dating a man she met in Nigeria. Translation: He wrote her to say she won a billion dollars in the Nigerian lottery and she sent him her number to collect the money, and they started dating on Skype. Dear Lord. Nene takes her to see a gorgeous condo which Kenya mocks and insists she can afford if she liked it, which she doesn’t. I just do not believe this woman has that much money. The realtor is annoying. Moving on.

Paedra and Apollo are having dinner to talk about Kenya. Oh. My. God. This is uncomfortable to watch and I am not digging it. He is defensive, she thinks this is about cheating not texting, and I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, him or her. Their kids is the right answer I guess. They do not seem to like each other and while I know this was filmed long ago, this tension runs deep and I hope they are okay. I can’t watch this dinner of threats.

Next week Porsha will go on a date, Phaedra will continue to punish her husband and hurt her marriage, Kandi’s mom will be a complete bitch to Kandi and Todd, and Kenya will deny being a crazy whore. This was not a great week, but they can’t all be winners. I like this show, like these women, and am certain that will change soon enough. At the end of the day these women may have scripted friendships, but they are still keeping it real.