Real Housewives of Atlanta are Good TV

We are back with the ladies of the South and start with Kandi, who is in her new office. I have a hit and miss reaction to Kandi, liking her sometimes and just not getting her others. In the end I feel bad for her because the woman cannot catch a break when it comes to love. She lacks support from her mom and has the challenge of finding a man who is not interested in her money.

She is meeting with her manager Don Juan and they are talking business. Her new studio space is gorgeous. She tells Don about the problems she is having with her mother and Todd. Don then tells Kandi he has the same concerns as her mom and it pisses me off. This man has worked with her forever and he is worried about what will happen to his piece of Kandi pie.

Kandi is now defending herself to people who work for her and are supposed to support her.  It is very sad. Nobody in her life seems concerned with her happiness as much as they are with their paychecks. Don tries to backpedal and say he wants her to be happy but come on, bullshit.  I am not a superfan of Todd, but she is a grown up and people need to get on board.

Over to Nene, seh is acting out a little skit about cleaning the house and it is lame. Nene takes a shot at Cordell, which is mean, but considering he is a douchelord, good for her.  Her manager calls and lets her know her work on Glee is delayed due to the death of Cory Monteith. She is annoyed but does not mention anything about his death, which is gross and just not nice.

Moving over to Cynthia, she is at the hospital for her fibroid surgery. She says the surgery is simple but there is always room for “era”. I believe she meant error. She got the beauty gift not the brains gift. Bless her. Cynthia is nervous and tells Peter he should leave and come back, but he tells her is not leaving. Good move. She is in surgery and even I am a little nervous.

Cut to Porsha, she is moved in with her mom and clearly going to milk the hell out of her divorce as a storyline. She is taking advantage of her mom, her dogs are delicious, her sister is lovely, and this divorce thing could get real boring, real fast. The movers arrive with the boxes Cordell has packed up for her. All she got to take from their house was her clothes.

Porsha makes another jab implying Cordell is gay. I don't care if he is, but she needs to stop. Some of her things are damaged and she is mad. By mad of course I mean she goes off again about Cordell being gay, or a “queen” as she describes him. She is allowed to be mad and hurt, but she is heading to Bitterville and people will turn on her quick so she needs to be careful.

Jumping to Crazy, she is talking smack about her landlord. Kenya is all kinds of crazy. Perfect reality television crazy. She is twerking, singing, and making a fool of herself while managing to be quite charming. Then as quick as I think she is cute, we are reminded she is delusional. Think what we want about this chick, she is brilliant TV and I am glad they brought her back.

We go over to Phaedra’s house and she is having family portraits done with the new baby. Aiden is perfection, Apollo is clearly over his wife, Phaedra is a hot mess, and the best thing she is doing for herself is using her kids to distract us from what a nut job she is. Cut to Apollo and Phaedra having a fight about the pictures and her being selfish. Not looking good people.

The baby is crying and rather than get off his ass and help, Apollo sits there while the hairdresser gets a bottle ready. Watching this family is uncomfortable and I hope for those babies these two get it together. Back to Kandi she is with her daughter Riley, who is just darling, and sporting some rather unfortunate hair color. Kandi wants to talk about Todd.

I think it is completely inappropriate to have this discussion on camera. She is asking her child about her getting married, and her child said she has no opinion about it. Do it off camera Kandi.  A child is not going to hurt you on camera, especially a child who has seen your struggle. The disrespect of this child’s feelings, and putting this on the show is truly disgusting. Truly.

Cynthia is back from the hospital and I don’t understand why Peter did not carry her up the stairs. I also don’t understand a picture of them above their bed. Cynthia’s mom is there and Cynthia says Peter is not big on a lot of visitors. Peter is not good. Know it. Cynthia thanks Peter for taking care of her and he is an asshole in response. I want her to dump his sorry ass.

Kandi has gone for a scripted visit with Porsha. The hair is killing me. I didn’t like Kandi’s hair when Janet Jackson wore is years ago, and I don’t like it now. Porsha looks gorgeous, and is talking about Cordell. Again. Kandi asks Porsha if Cordell ever hit her and she gives a dramatic pause, which makes me wonder about the credibility of Porsha. She wants to defame Cordell.

For all her bravado, Porsha breaks down and starts to cry. I like this girl, but something is not right here. I don’t know what story I believe. To be clear, Cordell Stewart is an bastard, but Porsha is not coming out an angel here, so I hope that changes. Bitter is not the new black and nobody looks good in it. Know it. I will check out if all we get with her is divorce.

At Kenya’s house she is unpacking in her new home. Why she needs a big house like this is beyond me. Why not move into a cute condo? This is pretentious and lame. The landlord that had her evicted accidentally sends her a box with her wedding dress in it and Kenya puts it on and mocks the dress and the woman. I have no respect for Kenya and this is mean.

The landlord shows up with the police to escort Kenya out of the house and I am bored. These women truly are fascinating. They are not embarrassed by the scripting and even though it is fake, the reactions and conversations are real. As real as we are going to get on a housewives show. I am hooked, cannot wait to see it all play out, and appreciate they are trying to keep it real.