Shahs of Sunset – Episode 1 Recap

I loved this show first season, then everyone got a big head and thought they were superstars, which made the second season difficult to watch. They are back for season three and I am going to try again. These are interesting people and so if they can check themselves and their egos, it could be good again.  I am watching, for now, so we’ll see what happens.

Important to note that I think it is a drag they got rid of Sammy. He was fun TV and all these beautiful people are not as authentic as he was. We start with Reza and Mike who are out Porshe shopping for Reza. They’re working together but Mike is not pulling his weight so Reza is raking it in, but not Mike, who is riding coattails, and that is never cute. Reza is fabulous.

MJ is spending the afternoon with her Mom.  This relationship is cute on occasion, but mostly it is just sad. MJ is trying to forge a relationship with a woman who is incapable of one.  She loves her daughter, in the way she can, but there is going to be disappointment and I feel bad for MJ. She is a sweet girl and desperately hanging onto the pain of her childhood.

Lily is planning a prom themed 30th birthday party and I find myself wanting to cut her hair while she is sleeping.  She is just too much. She is ridiculous and a sad representation of what it means to be Persian. Lily came in as the new girl and is a complete and total bitch. She is a fame whore and appears to be oblivious to how ridiculous she acts, or how dumb she looks.

Lily is all about being the top girl and will do what needs to be done to make that happen. She is on Reza like white on rice and wants MJ out.  Mercedes has not yet RSVP’d to the party and so Lily has decided she can no longer come because there is no room. She has invited random people, but selects MJ to be the one cut off.  Lily is selfish and this will backfire.

Over with GG, she is with her sister, who is getting a divorce. GG has been a hot mess for a couple of years so it will be interesting to see how she comes across this season. She claims to be growing up and maturing. Time will tell. She wants to get married and have a baby. God bless her. She is delusional, but cute and harmless, so I am hoping for the best for GG.

Reza is over to Asa’s parents house for a meal. I love how the parents are included in this culture and everyone knows the parents of their friends. It is lovely. The meal looks awesome and I wish I could cook the rice with the potatoes on the bottom. So freaking good. They are talking about Lily’s party and get around to being healthy and working out.  Dear Lord.

Asa is back on her Persian Priestess trip and still hawking her Diamond Water, so is preaching about a healthy lifestyle.  She will give her mother plastic surgery, if she agrees to work out. I’m bored.  Back to GG who is now visiting with MJ, who has decided to clean out her closet. Sidebar: Why do rich people never have good hangers? It’s always plastic crap.

MJ and Reza are still fighting after his accusations last year.  That is sad. Lots of talk of MJ and Lily’s party so something bad is coming.  Over with Mike, he is still dating his Italian girlfriend Jessica, who has decided to convert to Judaism.  Oy Vey. Mike is a bit of a loser and she is converting without a ring because he can’t afford one is my guess.

Reza calls MJ after months, on camera, and she invites him over. Seriously, who is writing this crap? He comes with flowers and food, which is cute.  She takes the flowers to put in a vase and leaves Reza alone in the living room for a half hour on his own. It is funny and a small touch of realness.  I love these two together and I hope they mend what is broken.

Reza tells MJ that Lily is not letting her into the party and I love him for saving his friend from the humiliation of not getting in.  He had no problem humiliating her on TV last season, but bless him for trying to do the right thing now. MJ texts Lily to tell her she would like to come and apologizes for replying so late. Lily writes her back to say she cannot come.

It was immature and selfish of Lily. Cut to the party, Lily is getting ready with hair and makeup. Then to the party, Reza is still dating his boyfriend Adam. The guests arrive and the dresses are ridiculous.  A little too hooker for me. That said, if I had a body like these chicks I might wear those dresses.  I kid, nobody is putting me in a low cut hoochie dress.

GG is wearing a pretty dress but her hair is a nest. She approaches Asa, who she hates, so it is a good sign of maturity. They talk eventually and it is promising. GG says sorry and I am proud of her.  Not sure if she means it, or is trying to get camera time, but either way, good for her. The party is lame and I feel bad for the man who marries Lily that this is her way.

The party is still going at 1:00 am and Reza, GG, and Asa are talking about how bad it is that MJ is not there. Reza calls MJ his best friend, which was lovely. They approach Lily who is defensive and angry, not feeling bad about MJ not being here. It was a slow premier but looks like an emotional and volatile season so I will watch, blog, and hope they keep it real.