Thicker Than Water is Not Worth Watching

This might be the worse show on Bravo. I say that only because Courtenay Loves Dallas has not aired yet. This show is complete crap and I was embarrassed for the Tankard family. If I were a member of their congregation I would be pissed the leaders of my church are soentitled and idiotic when it comes to God and faith.

Ben Tankard and his wife Jewel are not even a little appealing. They are obsessed with money and come across as tacky. They run a ministry and their messages about God wanting them to be rich is repulsive. Their adult children are a hot mess. From teenage pregnancy, to troubles with the law, to drug use, these young people are now just fame whores.

I am not sure how these young women think they have a shot in hell of meeting a man after this show. Mr. Tankard says they serve a God who is all about bling, and there is no ghetto in heaven. Dear Lord. They are off to get a new plane and I am about done. This show is a waste of time and they are not doing themselves any favors. Don’t waste your time.

They live in Tennessee, in a mansion with an overflowing toilet, so lets get a little persepective. They are trying to look like a sitcom and that would work if these people were not so ridiculous. I am not going to bother to blog the whole show, and I will not be watching this crapfest again. Bravo should be embarrassed to have paid for this. That is keeping it real.