Happy Veteran’s Day

This is a day to celebrate the service of all veterans. While Memorial Day is a time of remembrance for those lost while serving, today is about celebrating all who have served and are currently dedicating their lives to our freedom and safety.  It is okay to wish people a Happy Veteran’s Day because this is a day to salute the armed forces.

I am in awe of those who serve and grateful for not only their sacrifices, but the sacrifices of their families. When someone makes the choice to be a soldier they take their entire family on the journey with them. I thank every soldier and every military family for all they do. Each person who works in the military and for the military is a hero.

If you see a soldier today, say thank you. If you are a soldier, I thank you. To my Specialist, have a great day with your hero. We are blessed to live in America and that blessing comes to us on the shoulders of the men and women who make sacrifices on our behalf. Be safe and know we appreciate it is because of you that we are free to keep the faith.