Technology & Missing My Dad

Someone recently posted on Facebook that one day they would blow their grandchildren’s minds when they told them they were older than the Internet. Very cool and crazy.  We are so dependant on modern technology it is hard to imagine how we grew up without the things we have. My son is part of a generation being raised in a world that has never been so small. He is more knowledgeable about technology at 17 than I will ever be.  

I was speaking with my sister Roni today about how I needed a new phone and was sticking with the iPhone. We got to talking about technology and how much our Dad would have loved the iPhone. We chatted about how our Dad would have been fascinated with current technology. He would have loved, embraced, and mastered every new gadget. He was a tech nerd and it is so sad he missed out on this amazing time in our history.

We cried as we thought about what he was missing. Our dad loved the movie The Longest Yard and would have hated the remake. He read Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy once a year, and would have loved to see the movie adaptation. He would have loved Facetime and talked to his kids and grandkids every day, and thought a car navigation was awesome, but would only use it when he was alone so we would think he always knew where he was going.

He would have been thrilled when my son went to Israel and his heart would soar to know my boy is hoping to attend university in his beloved England. My Dad was an amazing man. Funny, smart, kind, fearless, bold, and in love with his kids and grandchildren. He took pride in the smallest things and encouraged us in all that we did.  He was fascinated by technology and would be blown away by it today.

I miss my dad every single day. We all do. We wish he were still here to see the world changing and his grandchildren growing up. He always had an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. We were very similar and would occasionally but heads, but he was my hero and I love him. I would give anything to have him here and still cannot wrap my head around his dying when he was only 63 years old. He should be with us right now.

The technological advances in my lifetime are mindboggling, and the world will change in leaps and bounds in my son’s lifetime.  I pray my child is of the generation that sees a cure for cancer, an end to hunger, religious freedom, equality for women, equality for love, and an iPhone that does not have endless upgrades that make no sense. The world is amazing, technology knows no bounds, and cures are close, so I am keeping the faith.