Jill Zarin, Brandi Glanville & the Trolls of Twitter

I write two blogs for JewishJournal.com. Both are popular, occasionally harsh in their honesty, and seem to take on a life of their own when it comes to Twitter. It is fascinating that a small group on Twitter are hell bent on lashing out and putting me and my supporters in harms way. By small group of course I mean they all follow each other and while they like to think they are reaching millions, they only read each other so it’s just a dozen women reading and talking to themselves. 

The madness started on Twitter years ago when I wrote I liked Jill Zarin. Those who don’t like Jill lost their minds. I was accused of liking her because she was Jewish. (Apparently all Jews like each other.) Who knew? I liked Jill as a character on a TV show, and when I met her in person, I liked her as a woman.  She was good TV and regardless of whether I agreed with what she said or did, I enjoyed watching her. My opinion of her did not change when I met her because she was the same in real life.

Jill is opinionated, strong willed, honest, open, not easily intimidated, brash, occasionally harsh, and owns all of it. She is the quintessential New York Jewish broad and I think RHONYC has not been the same since she was unceremoniously fired. I think Bethenny’s hands are all over her departure, but my opinion of why she was fired is irrelevant and old news. What I know for sure is that Jill Zarin is funny, lovely, supportive, and will have my back when I need her.  

A handful of trolls on Titter spewed a lot of hate my way when I supported Jill, and when those who support me spoke up against the hate I was getting, they were attacked.  It has been a couple of years and things have quieted down, but the same group has now decided to start up with me again over my support of Brandi Glanville. There is always one polarizing housewife on every season in every city, and people are as obsessed with Brandi as they were with Jill.

I think Brandi is good TV. I also think people are quick to judge her. Brandi is honest, open, uncensored and vulnerable. I personally don’t think you can go through the public humiliation of your husband being an asshole, and his new wife being a sociopath, without being a little broken. Just my opinion and one Brandi may not agree with in terms of being broken. Here’s the thing about Brandi, we are friends but I don’t seek her approval on anything I write. 

Brandi Glanville is lovely. She is a girl’s girl and she will go to the mattresses for you. She has picked me up when I fell, wiped my tears, made me laugh, been compassionate and kind. I love her. Do I think she has made mistakes? Yes. Do I think we have all faultered and managed to get through it without a camera on us? Yes. She is a great mom, wonderful friend, true beauty, funny as fuck, and a rock star in a sea of reality garbage. My friend gets a lot of Twitter hate.

I am getting ripped apart on Twitter for liking Brandi in the same way I was for liking Jill. I feel bad for my friend when she is trashed but I laugh when people write her to be careful around me because I cannot be trusted. They have written I am employed by the moron that is LeAnn Rimes, and I sell stories about her to the tabloids. It’s all rather entertaining. She responds with an occasional fuck off, but for the most part we just ignore it and move on with our lives. 

I write for a living and it makes me happy. I write about reality shows, which make me crazy sometimes, but it is fun. I get paid to do what I love and am great at it. I write blogs, am working on a book, and am truly blessed to be able to support my child and myself by sharing my opinion and my truth.  I also understand people’s need to write about me.  If I am allowed to share my opinion, people can certainly share their opinions of me in return.  It is the hate I struggle with.

To post my address and phone number on Twitter is idiotic. It is always people who hide behind fake accounts and fake pictures. That Twitter allows people to continue harassing strangers  is fascinating. Some of these people tweet 24/7. They post pictures of their kids and grandbabies at the same time they spew hate, threats, and ignorance. I’m guessing a lot of kids are being ignored while their delusional caregivers are online pretending to be tough.

People incite hate and are currently going out of their way to harass women who follow both Brandi and me. It is fascinating Twitter has not banned these people, the police have not arrested them, and their bosses have not fired them. All in good time I suppose. They seem to think their identities are a secret, which shows how delusional they are. There are several people on Twitter who have begun a hate campaign and it would be funny if it were not so pathetic. 

These crazy people scare me on occasion, but mostly it makes me sad. By sad of course I mean there is a little sadness amongst all the laughing. Brandi certainly does not care, Jill rolls her eyes that people are so nuts, but we are women and so there are emotions, mostly anger, because those who judge most harshly, are those who don’t know us. I understand the right to judge, and to a certain extent my job requires me to be judgmental, but to judge is not to hate.

Twitter is a hateful place and the lack of accountability from Twitter is unbelievable. I have written countless complaints, as has my employer, but the people who are dangerous are not dealt with. You get an email from Twitter assuring you it is being handled, but it never is. People are being hurt and Twitter does not  step it. It’s not rocket science and if they wanted to help, they could. They are more focused on making money than the integrity of their original vision.

One could argue my writing about these insignificant losers is a waste of my time, but the way I see it, I receive a lot of love and support from people on Twitter and for me to say nothing when they are being attacked is unacceptable. I have their backs as they have mine.  If these morons want to have a go at someone for liking Jill and Brandi, or simply have an issue with me, come after me and leave the people who support me alone. Let innocent people enjoy Twitter.

By come after me of course I mean fuck off already. Thousands of people have died in the typhoon that hit the Philippines, people are starving to death, women are being killed, raped, and tortured at this very moment just because they are women. You are operating as if what you say matters when in truth it does not. Don’t like my blog? Don’t read. Don’t like me? Don’t follow. Get a little perspective and grow up. Imagine if someone was doing to you what you do to others.

I have survived greater things than attacks on Twitter, and this too shall pass. To those who enjoy my work, thank you. I love you for speaking up, but save yourselves and do not engage with hate. To Jill Zarin, I ain’t got nothing but love for you, and to Brandi, keep doing what you do. To those who are operating from an evil place, get some clarity. Time for you to shut up and back off. When it comes to defending myself and my friends I will fight back and keep it real.