LeAnn Rimes – Halloween Crazy

When it comes to Ms. Rimes, every week brings a fresh pile of hot and steamy crazy. It simply never stops. She is out of control and we are watching her spin in the same way we watched Anna Nicole Smith and Amanda Bynes. She has killed her career and is now hell bent on getting everyone to dislike her.  She is, in my opinion, mentally unstable, and like all train wrecks, impossible to look away from.

I write about Ms. Rimes a lot and what is truly fascinating is there are very few people who write about her madness. Many write about how great she is, what a wonderful singer she is, how happily married she is, how she stands up against bullying, and is becoming the face of step-mothers everywhere.  I am quite certain those people are getting paid by LeAnn, or high, because to think any of those things is totally insane.

LeAnn Rimes is not a nice person. She is no longer as good of a singer as she used to be, is married to a man who seems to be physically repelled by her, bullies on an epic scale, and is everything that a step-mother should not be. More people read my blog on a daily basis than bought her last record, and her upcoming TV show will be garbage. Even with all this, she still goes out of her way to show how unstable she is.

Halloween marked a whole new batch of crazy. From her tweets, to her costume, to her inappropriate and passive aggressive digs at her husband’s ex-wife, she continues to dig a whole for herself that will soon be impossible to get out of. She will lose her husband in the same way she got him, and that will happen as soon as the money runs out, or she decides to stop paying off his whores to keep quiet.  Bless her heart.

On Halloween the mother of LeAnn’s stepchildren tweeted how sad she was to not have her kids for Halloween. LeAnn responded by tweeting she was going to the kid’s school to hang out and see them all dressed up. Sociopathic. She tweeted nonstop about her family, her kids, her home being filed with love and laughter. LeAnn Rimes is a horrible woman and Karma is going to have a field day on her soon. I hope the paps catch it on film.

LeAnn wrote of being in hair and makeup for hours getting ready for Halloween. When the picture was finally tweeted, it was hilarious. She claimed to be Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, but Eddie and LeAnn didn’t look anything like them. I mean nothing like them. Not even a little bit. Important to note Eddie’s first wife wrote of her love of Kenny Rogers, then LeAnn has her husband dress as Kenny?  Sociopathic.

During her Halloween party she posted another picture as she did a costume change. I guess Kenny was getting pissed off with her having to hang on him all night, so she changed into some kind of unicorn outfit.  Poor girl.  She is a hot mess, and by the time she was a unicorn, she was also drunk. LeAnn likes to tweet when she is hammered, then delete the tweets the next day. Screen shots are the best part of Twitter.

With Halloween over, and the mother of LeAnn’s stepchildren out of town on business, LeAnn called her paid paparazzi to meet her at the kid’s soccer game so she could pretend to a mommy.  She forced hugs, kisses, and smiles.  Kids are loving, and they will love who their dad loves, but her taking those pictures was a deliberate attempt to cause pain to the mother.  She is relentless, spiteful, and really stupid.

LeAnn Tweeted about soccer, the kids, and her happy marriage all weekend. She continues to tweet her husband’s twitter even though he has not tweeted in over a year. She tweets anything nice someone writes about her, tweets her husband’s claims they are not getting separated in an interview, and seems to not understand that people follow her for a laugh, not because of any great interest in her or her nonexistent career.

LeAnn pisses me off. I find her offensive as a woman, mother, and human being.  She is selfish, hurtful, ignorant, and uses her platform, no matter how small it is becoming, to hurt people. She is married to a cheater, a cheater herself, and while I believe in true love and have no judgment of how it can be found, the only person LeAnn loves is LeAnn.  She needs a kick in the ass. Maybe then she’ll start keeping it real.