My Haunted House

I have long thought my home is haunted.  Fiddles the cat will go onto the balcony and just start talking. She will sit on a chair and appear to be having a conversation with someone in the other chair.  She tilts her head during the silence as if she is listening, and will then respond. When she comes back in she will always look back over her shoulder as if to give a final glance goodbye.  She has been doing this since the day she got here.

It used to freak me out but Fiddles is so calm when she is chatting to the ghost that I assume it is someone friendly who likes cats and is happy for the company.  I really believe she talks to someone and it is sweet. Scary as hell if I allow myself to think about it with any seriousness, but still lovely they chat.  It would now appear that our balcony guest has moved into the house.

On Monday at about 2:30 in the morning, I heard a drawer in my son’s dresser open and get slammed shut.  It was so loud it caused me to sit up in bed. I immediately called out to my son thinking he must be awake.  He responded by asking if I heard his drawer.  I told him I did and asked what he was doing up.  He said he was in bed sleeping and he woke up from the sound of the drawer slamming.  We were both a little spooked.

The drawer closed again, my son ran to my room in one second, and we waited for it to happen again, which it did not.  My almost grown son was suddenly my little boy again and he finally fell back asleep in my arms as we both tried to sleep with one eye open.  We talked about it in the morning, deciding it must have been the cat because you know cats like to open and slam drawers with their paws just for fun in the middle of the night. Right?

Last night my phone rang at 1:00 am. Someone was looking for Brenda. I don’t know who Brenda is but I was pissed to get her call.  I let them know it was a wrong number, but I was now up.  I made a cup of tea and read Torah for a few minutes.  I was finally able to fall back asleep after about an hour. Then at 2:30 my phone rang again from a blocked number, nobody was there, but now I was up. That is when things started to get weird.

There was banging under my bed as if someone was hanging a picture on the bottom of my box spring.  Important to note that there is nothing under my bed.  Not one single thing. I turned the light on and looked under the bed. Sidebar:  Who does that? It was like in a horror movie when the stupid kids go into the woods and you are yelling at the screen for them to not go but they do.  I looked, there was nothing, but I was scared.

I sat up in bed and then the banging started again.  I was in my son’s room in under a second, he asked what the banging was, and again we snuggled up and fell asleep with one eye open. Just in time for Halloween, there appears to be something going on at my place.  Not sure if it is Fiddle’s friend from the balcony, or if perhaps they invited a few new pals over, but I have not had a good night’s sleep for two days and it has left me tired.

I don’t even know if I believe in ghosts, but I am certainly more open to the possibility now. It will be interesting to see if anything happens tonight. By interesting of course I mean it is scary and not at all interesting. There is something going on in my home and perhaps an interrogation of the cat is in order.  Fiddles knows what is happening and she needs to spill the beans. Did I just say my cat needed to tell me something? Dear Lord.

It is not bad enough my home is haunted, but now I am the crazy cat lady who is going to sit her cat down to get some answers? Oy vey. There is something quite comforting about having a spirit here because I figure they needed a place to go and my home was comfortable for them. On the other hand I don’t like it.  Not one bit. I will be sleeping with one eye open again tonight, hoping for sleep, praying for silence, and keeping the faith.