Look Out Pop Culture – I’m Writing a Book About You

This blog is where I write about my take on pop culture and the people who are getting rich and famous for no apparent reason. From those who were once talented and are desperate to be in the spotlight again, to those who rise to fame by making a porn film which features them chewing gum and looking like an insanely bad sex-mate, these people are putting it all out there so I am going to write about it in the only way I know how.

I have been asked several times over the years to write a book about my take on pop culture, but never really entertained the possibility with any seriousness. That was until I met Michael Broussard. Mr. Broussard has read every one of my blogs and is a fan.  By fan of course I mean he is a superstar literary agent and he digs me.  We met recently and fell in love. I am thrilled to announce Michael is now representing me and my first book.

I had heard of Michael because he is a powerhouse and I have read many of the books he represents. I also heard from a few housewives, who shall remain nameless, that he turned them down, crushing their dreams of a bestseller. That he came to me as a fan of my work who feels my voice should be heard is a really amazing thing. I am excited to get started, and by get started of course I mean rip a few new pop culture asses.

I am thrilled to be working with Michael and sharing my spin on what pop culture has become and to the lengths people will go for 15 minutes of fame.  By fame of course I mean they are selling their souls to the devil so we can laugh at them. Bless their hearts. It is going to be a lot of fun to write, even more fun to read, and a real challenge to steal Michael’s dog Dino, who is divine. If you read my blog you know I am going to keep it real.