LeAnn Rimes Takes Crazy to Nashville

I had a busy weekend and only caught up on Twitter today. Imagine my surprise to see how busy LeAnn Rimes has been on her trip to Nashville.  By surprised of course I mean she is a lunatic who needs to be banned from social media and placed into a medical facility for observation. This chick is a whack job and I find myself truly mortified by her unacceptable behavior.

I do not understand why nobody is telling this woman to shut the hell up and stop with her madness.  I suppose it is possible that someone could be telling her and she is ignoring them, or refusing to pay them, but we are now at epic proportions of crazy. I am of the opinion that she is unwell on the level of Amanda Bynes and needs someone to care enough to step in and help.

To clarify for those who are just now boarding the crazy train, LeAnn does not have any children, she stole a family, yet insists on posting pictures, and now Vine videos, about kids who are not hers. She posted non-stop about her husband’s children and at one point I actually screamed SHUT THE F*&% UP to my computer. She is relentless in her complete madness.

This woman also posted a picture that made her madness painfully obvious.  It is truly unbelievable someone in her camp has not insisted she remove it.  It was a picture of her on a truck and it pissed me off. To flaunt she is a wrecker, as in home wrecker, with a smile on her face is crazy.  By crazy of course I mean this is one sick and demented bitch.

To mock the fact she is a homewrecker in front of her husband's children is criminal. Her marriage won't last because she is married to a pig, but when he tires of her and moves on, those boys will grow up and learn of how this piece of garbage disrespected their mother and he will lose the respect of his children. He should be ashamed as a father.

LeAnn Rimes is no longer famous because she can sing.  Partially because she is no longer a good singer, but mostly because she is now famous for her desperate attempts to be relevant in a world where her husband’s first wife is more famous than she is.  That’s got to hurt and must break her sad and bitter black heart.  I cannot stand this stupid girl.

She tweets she doesn’t pay attention to me, or read my blogs, yet tweeted back and forth to the people who spend their time creating imposter or hate accounts about me.  Is it a coincidence the very people who try to get me fired for writing about LeAnn are the people she is lovingly tweeting while in Nashville?  I don’t think so. She pays them is my guess.

Don’t get me started on a certain Ms. Hoffman who is just as crazy and possibly a little dumber than Ms. Rimes.  Hang on, I’m laughing at the very thought anyone could be dumber than LeAnn.  Wait…catching…my…breathe. LeAnn in clearly a moron but Ms. Hoffman might actually be mentally deficient, spending more time on Twitter than anyone.

Ms. Hoffman, who insists she does not read my blog, has no hate for anyone, and only wants to be positive, spent the weekend tweeting back and forth to the people who spend all their time throwing hate my way. The woman who created an imposter account using my picture with a rather unfortunate penis drawn on it, got nothing but love from Karla this weekend. 

These women are not only unstable, but they are dangerous. They will cut a bitch. By cut a bitch of course I mean they will write to a blogger's Rabbi and editor to get her fired, and publish her address and phone number, just because she is of the opinion that a celebrity who puts her life out in the open to be commented on is a lunatic. Alegedly.

LeAnn Rimes is a lunatic. Allegedly. Karla Hoffman is delusional. Allegedly. LeAnn has no children and Karla ignores hers. Allegedly. At the end of the day I am disgusted by them both, am not afraid to write about it, and will continue to point out the madness until the day someone gets it, Rimes is treated for her alleged mental illness, and starts keeping it real.