LeAnn Rimes – This Week’s List of Crazy

I love following LeAnn Rimes on Twitter.  She really is very entertaining.  By entertaining of course I mean she likes to publicly unravel and has no shame. She is a media whore in need of a media advisor.  For someone who writes about pop culture she is pure gold. The woman has, in my opinion, lost her mind. Putting aside that she is uneducated, there is simply no way she could be any simpler.  Bless her.  When it comes to LeAnn Rimes, dumb is funny.  It is also offensive and aggravating.

I would like to share a few things our dear girl did this week to remind us she is train wreck. They are funny, sad, ignorant, shocking, ridiculous, and at the end of the day entertaining.  I wonder what it must be like to get through life when one is so dumb.  I believe she is unaware of how her actions are perceived. She appears to have no clue how much she is disliked, or how easy it would be for her to turn it all around.  She has a mean streak however, so I don’t feel sorry for her.

1 – Rimes tweeted that her stepson was singing songs from her album Spitfire.  Important to note LeAnn was the only person to buy this album, and it is all about her being a whore and sleeping with a married man while she was married. To brag a child is singing a song about the end of his parents marriage is vicious and shows mental illness.

2 – When her ex-husband told a TV show he had no animosity toward her and wished her the best, she tweeted she was over it and mocked him for even discussing her.  Really?  She has done nothing but talk about it for years, yet this lovely man says one thing and she dumps all over him. She is the one unwilling to move on and this shows mental illness.

3 – Rimes sprained and/or broke her fingers in a freak gym accident. I am unsure what exactly she did as she keeps changing her story. After posting pictures to garner sympathy from her thousands of fake accounts, she was spotted leaning on her hurt hand. It’s a miracle!  Perhaps she broke her fingers over-Tweeting, or maybe it is a mental illness.

4 – LeAnn was photographed in an awkward and one-sided embrace with her husband’s youngest son, by her personal paparazzi, at the soccer game of her husband’s older son. She appeared to be holding him against his will as his mother sat nearby. You can’t make kids love you and her obsession with wanting to look like a mom is a sign of mental illness.

5 – Ms. Rimes like to tweet when she is drunk.  We all lose our minds a little when drinking. For me I like to send text messages to old boyfriends. It’s not pretty, but it happens. It is also private, Rimes however likes to go public with her drinking, knowing everyone is watching, judging, and laughing at her. Clearly this behavior is the sign of mental illness.

It has been another interesting week in the life and times of LeAnn Rimes. She is filming her non-reality reality show, pretending to be a mom, throwing shade at the ex-wife of her husband, drinking, delusional, too dumb to understand what she is doing, and unwilling to acknowledge she is struggling with mental illness.  Congrats on not ever keeping it real.