Discovering Etsy

Am I the last person to learn about Etsy?  I had seen the name floating around as I spend so much time online using social media, but I had never taken a look or gone shopping.  A friend recently sent me a link to something she bought and I was hooked. Damn it. I am now spending time I do not have shopping from some amazing vendors.  My favorite shop is called Ben & Lily. You can find them at .

This shop has vintage items and they do custom work.  I ordered two vintage plates that I am having painted with “Keeping the Faith” and “Keeping it Real”. They are a gift to myself and I am excited about them. Ben & Lily have beautiful pieces and add new items all the time.  I am making my way through the Etsy site and have found some really lovely things.  It’s like eBay but not really.  It somehow just seems more personal than eBay.

I am amazed by how small the world becomes when we connect through the Internet.  I love getting emails from around the world. I also love shopping and have a collection of things from places I travel to while sitting in my own home.  I will post pictures of my plates when they arrive. If you use Esty let me know who you follow. It will be like we are shopping together. Will you tell me when I am spending too much?  I am keeping the faith!