Michelle Duggar Needs to Close the Factory

Michelle Duggar, the woman with 19 kids and a reality show, has announced she is trying to get pregnant with her 20th child and if it is God’s will, her family will be blessed with another child.  This woman has lost her mind and I seriously think she has some kind of mental issue. She has three grandchildren, has had difficult pregnancies, and to do this to not only her body, but her other children, is selfish.

This woman needs to call it a day on the baby factory and become a spokesperson for vaginal rejuvenation.  She has an odd view of the world, and is teaching her children her beliefs, which is sad for those kids, but bless her.  We live in a country where she can believe what she wants, teach what she wants, and have the family she wants.  What is annoying however, is how she does not get we think she is a moron.

She is a freak show.  She is not in the news or on television because people think she is fascinating and entertaining. She is known because she is a freak.  She says her large family is because it is God’s will. Or maybe it is because she has a lot of sex, does not use birth control, and has no respect for her vagina. That poor thing has got to be tired.  Bless it.  Will it be God’s will if she dies during childbirth of her 20th child?

She has had difficult pregnancies and her focus should be on her 19 kids having a mother, not God’s will for her to have another.  Here’s the thing, religion is personal and everyone has their own view of God and faith. That said, no matter how you pray or what you believe in, God wants a lot of things for all of us and 20 babies for some lunatic is not a top priority on his list. Of this I am quite certain and she needs to leave God out of it.

At the end of the day Michelle Duggar has my respect in that she is dedicated to her family and her faith.  Where she loses my respect is in how incredibly selfish and unaware she is. To keep having children is selfish in my opinion.  To say that God is somehow making her pregnant is offensive.  She has a platform and people listen to her so she should be more mindful of that. Time for Michelle to reevaluate how she keeps the faith.