Bethenny Tanks, Queen Latifah Soars

We all know I am not a fan of Bethenny Frankel and the truth is that she is not a fan of me.  We see things quite differently.  I like to write about her because I think her story, or rather the stories she makes up about herself, are fascinating.  She likes to place gag orders on anyone who wants to talk about her.  She is not talented, funny, interesting, or a good talk show host. Just my opinion of course.

I understand people like her and hang on her every word.  I also know people want direction and will listen to stupidity because there is nothing else for them to listen to.  They believe what she says in the same way they drink Kool-Aid.  I’m not saying every single thing she says is dumb, but to invest in someone who says 1% good and 99% crap is not worth an investment.

Setting aside my personal thoughts about her, you cannot watch her talk show and think it is anything but garbage.  She is not endearing or engaging, thinks she is funny, smart and charming. It is only a matter of time before those who buy her crap will see the truth. She is desperate to get big name guests, but celebrities are avoiding her like the plague.  She will be gone by year’s end. The Internet is buzzing about her tanking show and even Ellen DeGeneres, who produces her show and was responsible for her getting it on the air is not only keeping her distance, but pulling as far away from her as she can. Queen Latifah is getting better ratings than Bethenny. Queen gets better with time but Bethenny won’t. The major difference is Queen Latifah is truly sweet and charming.

I have watched both shows and while Queen Latifah pulls  me in with her personality, Bethenny repels me with hers. Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith are producing Queen and they have gone to bat for her, reeling in big names. They believe in her because they know when push comes to shove she will not embarrass them.  Ellen is clear she will be yanked into the gutter with Bethenny and the gutter is no place for Ellen. Reality fame is like porn in that not many people can cross over from success in one genre to main stream. Nobody is saying Bethenny is not brilliant, because she is. She made a fortune being a liar, so bless her.  That does not mean she is suited for a talk show. Bethenny needs to stick to her ass juice drinks, raising her kid, and getting off TV. Only then can she keep it real.