Dating 101: The Beginning

Last night I had a date with Coach and I don’t mind telling you I am a little giddy.  It was the kind of date where everything happens exactly how you want. From the holding of hands, to the tasting of each other’s drinks, to the kiss goodnight, we were in sync.  I find myself with a schoolgirl crush on a very cool and interesting man.  Good things come to those who wait.

There are many attractive things about Coach. Most important, he is a wonderful father and speaks of his daughter in a way that makes me proud of him.  He is dedicated to her and when talking about her his eyes light up. There is nothing sexier than a man who is a good father. Also, his ability to share his admiration of me as a single mother makes me want to hug him close.

He understands my sarcasm, gets my sense of humor, laughs with me and at me. He is not afraid of sharing his opinion or feelings. He is more than a foot taller than me and I feel safe next to him. I was going to wear heals but opted to wear flats just because I get so excited about his height.  There is something very sexy about a munchkin next to a giant.

It is an interesting relationship because it is new, but there is intimacy in our converations. He is gentle with my heart, patient with my hesitation, embracing of my dreams, and just the right mix of coach and friend to guide me along the path I want so much to travel. We are beginning something wonderful and I feel grateful to have met this wonderful and charming man.

We are approaching our new relationship from the perspective that it matters.  We are open, honest, communicative, and aware.  It is all very grown up, which is interesting when you consider he makes me feel like a young girl with a crush. We are our true selves, say what we want, mean what we say, and speak of building something special. It's all very romantic.

If he is unclear he askes me for clarificaiton.  If he disagreess he shares his perspective.  He is not afraid or intimidated by what I share or what I write.  He is proud of me, which makes me want to be better.  A better friend, woman, mother, and person. He inspires me.  I find him insanely attractive and his musical tastes are sexy as hell. Sidebar: He is a gifted kisser.

Last night we decided we will only date each other. It is a big deal for a girl when a man says he is going to focus all of his attention on you. I find myself wanting to make him happy because he makes me so happy.  My heart is fluttering, mind is racing, body is melting, and fear is disappearing. I am saying a prayer, counting blessings, and keeping the faith.