A Brief Encounter with Kim Richards of RHOBH

I went to get my hair done this week and my girl was running a little bit late. By little bit of course I mean 20 minutes.  If I were 20 minutes late for my appointment, it would have been given away, but I was asked to wait while she finished another client.  After 15 minutes I walked back to see what the hold up was and saw she was finishing up the hair of Kim Richards.

I leaned over and said hello.  Kim Richards was sweet and lovely.  She is really tiny. A petite woman with golden hair and kindness in her eyes. She was immediately warm and very engaging. I told her she looked beautiful and asked how she was doing.  She told me she was doing really great and then made a point of telling me she appreciated my asking about her.

She was going to do an interview and having her hair blown out for it.  We got to talking about kids somehow and I mentioned my son was applying to college and I was proud beyond measure, but also sad to have him go away to school.  She told me about her kids and how they were leaving home. One going to college, one having gotten an apartment of her own.

It took all my strength to not start crying. I am very emotional about my son going away to school. He can ask me to make him something to eat and I will cry because I know he is leaving soon and won’t need me to make him dinner. She spoke of her daughters leaving with pride and sorrow.  In our brief encounter I related to her as a mother on a rather profound level.

There is a palpable sadness about Ms. Richards.  Not anything that makes you feel sorry for her, but rather one that makes you pull for her.  She seemed a little sad and it was very endearing.  She is a child star, a reality TV star, a woman fighting her demons, and at the core she is a mom who is going thorugh all the things moms go through.  She is just like us. 

Ms. Richards was soft-spoken, attentive, funny, and also comforting.  She was clearly sad by her kids growing up and moving out, but she was also very supportive and assured me I would be fine.  She gave me a little pep talk and reminded me that our job as mothers was to prepare them to leave. It was an unexpected but truly lovely exchange. I really liked her.

I am a fan of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and while the commercials for the upcoming season look dark and mean spirited, I will watch, I blog, and share my opinions. I comment on what Bravo gives me, so it is not always nice, but I will view Ms. Richards from a different perspective based on our meeting.  This is a sweet lady who is just trying to keep it real.