Goodbye Breaking Bad

I have never seen an entire episode of Breaking Bad. This confession mortifies my son.  He has been telling me for a year to watch it and I just have not.  No real reason other than the fact that I don’t really have time. We tried to watch together once and it was so violent that I opted out after about fifteen minutes.  My son was not allowed to watch it when it first came out, but this year he watched all the past episodes to catch up so he could watch the final season with his friends, leading up to tonight’s finale.

When he is watching Breaking Bad I am not permitted to speak. and must keep my breathing slow and shallow.  He watches in total silence, then when it is over he jumps around screaming about how great it is, and how lame I am for not watching.  He was finally so fed up with my lack of interest he started watching it with friends. Every Sunday he heads over to a buddy’s house, they order dinner in, and a bunch of kids watch.  He then stays for an hour after to debrief and discuss. Tonight is their last meeting.

He is both excited to see how the series ties it all up, and sad that the show is over.  He is sad to see it go, but also respectful of the fact that the time has come and he knows he will not be disappointed in the final episode, which will be “epic”.  Who would have thought a show about making meth would be so popular?  I suppose people who make meth, but this is beyond those few. This show is, according to my child, ”a brilliant piece of artistic beauty with writing so superb it catapults it to another level of American television.”

I imagine the number of viewers tonight will break records of some kind for cable television viewership.  I might even watch it myself as I fear if I don’t I will be the only person in America who will not be able to talk about it tomorrow. To the creators of Breaking Bad, Mazel Tov on all you have accomplished.  To the viewers who love this show so much, my child included, be strong.  Enjoy the finale and feel free to talk about it for as long as you need to. As for another show coming along to fill the void, keep the faith.