Real Housewives of New Jersey is Not Reality TV

I watched this week’s show and I sat in complete disbelief.  I have never missed an episode and feel confident saying it has changed so much from the beginning that it is simply unworthy of my time. Real Housewives of New Jersey is a scripted soap opera and I blog about reality television, so this show is no longer something I recap under my criteria.

What is so disturbing is we all loved this show in the beginning when it was real.  That Bravo thought it needed to be changed in such a obvious way is just sad, and frankly stupid.  They have ruined what was once wonderful.  I am not going to blog this week because there was nothing interesting or even remotely realistic about anything they gave us.

Melissa invited to sing in front of 150,000 people based on her live radio performance?  Dear Lord.  I might blog this week in a couple of days when I’m not as offended by the crapfest. Translation: Maybe I will write about it when I get another bottle of tequila because I only have enough for one shot and that ain’t gonna cut it. This show is garbage.

I will blog the finale because that is my job. I will blog the reunion because that should be interesting, but I am sick and tired of Bravo giving us crap. Especially after we have all made them rich.  This show went to hell in a hand basket when they hired Melissa Gorga and the only shot in hell they have of saving it, is to fire her. I’m just keeping it real.