Does Anyone Love LeAnn Rimes?

This morning LeAnn Rimes had another meltdown on Twitter and it begs the question, does anyone love her?  She has fans of course, and they are loyal and devoted. She has a family, and one assumes they love her, but does anyone really love her? Today, as Twitter blew up with her madness, I watched in amazement and felt genuine sadness for this woman.

LeAnn Rimes is suffering, in my opinion, a breakdown on the same level of Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes.  She is a mess, in my opinion, on the same level as Anna Nicole Smith.  She is calling out for help and sadly nobody seems to be paying attention to her.  I think it is tragic and I cannot imagine what it must be like to be in her shoes. Scary and confusing to be sure.

LeAnn is constantly scrutinized and judged, mocked and tormented. She puts on a brave face and says it does not bother her, but it does.  How do I know? Because she is a human being, a woman, insecure, confused and hurt, as anyone in her place would be. She is a real person with real feelings. Here’s the thing though, why does nobody love her enough to help?

I have never written anything about her that was made up or not true.  I comment on the actions she shares with the world.  I am not a gossip writer hiding in the bushes to get dirt on her, I simply write about what she does and says for all of us to see, and from that perspective I can say LeAnn Rimes is a ticking time bomb and someone needs to help her.

She has made herself unlikeable on an epic level.  She continues to act crazy in ways that make the only conclusion we can come to is she is crazy. She has dug a hole for herself, but she is not a lost cause and with some love and guidance she can turn it around.  The first thing this woman needs to do is get off Twitter.  Not only quit, but close her account. Seriously.

We don’t need to know every 5 minutes how happy she is, how much she loves her husband, or how much she loves his kids.  It is sad she feels the need to talk about how happy she is all the time.  She is not as happy as she wants us to believe.  All you have to do is read the hate directed to her and you know her happiness is clouded by it all.  Hate is powerful.

In an effort to help this young and delusional woman, I will give her a list of the top 5 things she needs to do in order move ahead and change the tone.  I don’t love LeAnn, but I will do for her what those who love her are unable to do, tell the truth.  She will read this, as she reads everything I write, so we’ll see if she can set aside her ego and pay attention.

1) Stop referring to your step kids as “your boys”.  They are not yours. You can love them as much as you would if they were yours, and as a mother I can assure you we all want the step mothers of our kids to love them in a deep and profound way.  That said, you can love them to pieces but know your place and acknowledge they are not yours.

2) If you want us to appreciate you for you, stop trying to be someone else.  Your constant need to be just like your husband’s ex-wife is odd and frankly disturbing.  Be you.  You are never going to live up the expectations you have created in your mind and if your husband wants you to be someone else, let him find someone else.

3) Drop the lawsuit against Lexi and Kim Smiley.  It is mean spirited and you are hurting a family in ways that will be hard for them to overcome.  She taped you, we get it.  You seem to forget that you called her, and if you listen the call you must understand she was simply protecting herself from your irrational and vicious attack.

4) Get a new publicist.  Your current team is doing you no favors and the truth is you are paying someone to hurt you.  It does not matter how many interviews you do, or how many pictures are taken of you. What matters is what you say in those interviews and what you are doing in the pictures. This man is hurting you, not helping you.

5) Give a real interview with someone who is going to ask you real questions and inspire you to give real answers.  We are not interested in Spitfire, or how happy your marriage is, or what a great “Mom” you are. We want to know who you are, how you feel, and if there is remorse and regret. We need truth before we can move on.

I am sure many people love LeAnn Rimes.  I am also certain she does not know who those people are. If you are paying someone for a service, it does not guarantee loyalty or love. It is people who are not paid that are more likely to tell you the truth.  Only you can change the tide Ms. Rimes and all it requires is for you to keep it real