LeAnn Rimes: The Pinocchio Tour

I am fascinated by LeAnn Rimes and how she continues to lie.  It truly is on an epic scale and one has to wonder how she manages to keep everything straight when she tells so many stories.  Her fans love her, which is great, but they are also unwilling to see she is not particularly kind to them. Her recent tour in Europe has been a series of lies that hurt her fans, and she is unapologetic and quite rude, but they still love her.  Bless them.

The video below was posted the night before she cancelled a show due to her being deathly ill.  She does not appear to be sick to me. She is ruining this beautiful song, but that is not the point.  She canceled a show 3 hours before it was to begin. When a fan tweeted disappointment having travelled hours to get there, only to discover it was cancelled, LeAnn tweeted back that she schlepped from LA.  Not a very nice response if you ask me.

She is back to performing with a concert tonight in Manchester, England. She is still tweeting about how sick she is, but putting on a show, even if the show is weird.  She likes to throw her hair up in a bun, take her shoes off, and sit on the floor with her lyrics taped in front of her.  It is bizarre behavior and while one could say there is something charming about it, unless charming involves some kind of medication, I’m not buying charming.

LeAnn Rimes should have called this the Pinocchio tour.  The once popular singer is performing to small crowds who are more interested in her old work rather than the epic failure that is Spitfire.  If you are not following her on Twitter, you must because it is hilarious.  She loves her Twitter and uses it mostly to tell us how insanely happy she is and how much her husband loves her and she loves him.  If you need to say it all the time, you are convincing yourself more than you are convincing us. 

There is really no need to ever buy a ticket to her shows because they appear on YouTube the next day.  She never sounds quite as good as she used to, and without an airbrush on YouTube, she never looks as good as she does when prepped for hours, but there is something truly entertaining about watching her. She is a child star gone wrong, but clinging onto her fame for dear life.  Bless her.  No matter what you think about this woman, you cannot say she is not interesting and compelling to watch.

She is inappropriate, has no boundaries, and is desperate to convince the world of her happiness.  The truth is, as far as I can tell, any hope she had of rekindling her career ended when she cheated on her husband, married someone else’s husband, and publicly pretends she is the mother of his children, in front of the mother of his children.  She is more of a joke than a star, and while her celebrity continues, we watch waiting for her to fall, not shine.  God Bless her for being her. I’m just here to keep it real.