The Bethenny Talk Show is Really, Really Bad

I am not a fan of Bethenny Frankel or the crap she peddles.  I think her drinks taste horrible, her lies are epic, she cannot keep her stories straight, married for TV, had a baby for TV, puts gag orders on anyone who speaks badly about her, is unwilling to admit that her path to fame and fortune is riddled with bodies she has used and stepped on, and manufactured her childhood.  There are so many things to not believe that I don’t understand how people believe anything from this woman.  I don’t trust her.

One could assume my review of her show would be biased because I don’t like her and I can appreciate how people see it, however I am one who will give credit where credit is due.  There are things to admire about Bethenny Frankel. Mostly how she manages to shut up everybody and hide bodies, but when it comes to her new show there is simply nothing good to say about it. From her opening monologue, which was disjointed, repetitive, and awkward, to her twerking, it was embarrassing for her and painful to watch.

Bethenny starts her show with her talking about her rise to fame. Crapfest. She says she “knows women”.  She does not know women, she knows how to manipulate stupid people to buy into her lies.  She speaks as though she is simply amazing and that is why she has success.  She does not mention that the only reason we watched her reality shows was because of her husband. She then comes out and dances, which is when we notice she has had some kind of unfortunate facial work done which is rather off-putting.

She spends five minutes speaking rather inarticulately about how excited she is and I am rolling my eyes and drinking a real margarita, not her watered down urine version.  She welcomes three men to a segment about a man’s perspective. She is vulgar, sexually explicit, and not funny, cute, or endearing.  We waste 15 minutes on that then get to section two, where she asks the audience questions they pick from a fish bowl.  One woman asks for a hug and cries.  Dear Lord.  How much did they pay that chick?

This section is lame and I am skipping over it.  They then bring out that sexy guy from the salad dressing commercials and Bethenny is sexually explicit and vulgar with him.  For someone going through such a “horribly painful divorce”, she certainly is able to find her inner slut quickly.  Section three is an interview with Nick Cannon.  She talks more about Mariah Carey than Nick, then she attempts to twerk.  I can’t. Honestly, she is simply mortifying and I am skipping over the rest of her time with Nick Cannon.  Ugh.

She then has Flo Rider come out and sing Wild One. She dances, twerks again, and I am now chugging my drink and wishing it was a double.  She tells every guest they are sexy, tells everyone they are her first guest ever, and they all lick it up.  She thanks everyone for joining her, says she is going to be with us everyday, and while I am certain she will be a success, I will not be watching again.  She is selling her own brand of Kool-Aid and it tastes like crap so I won’t tune in because she is incapable of keeping it real.