LeAnn Rimes Continues to Unravel

Leann Rimes is a talented woman.  She can really sing and nobody can ever take that away from her.  She has overcome a lot and been through hell to get to where she is.  I feel for her when I think of her distorted childhood. She has shown resilience and strength to overcome the challenges of her life and she should be proud of that.  I also want to clarify that LeAnn Rimes is, in my opinion, mentally unstable, morally corrupt, and in need of both psychiatric care and psychiatric drugs.  For real.

We all know Rimes is suing Kimberly & Lexi Smiley. Kim and her daughter Lexi got caught up in LeAnn’s mental breakdown and are now being tested in ways that require faith, prayer, luck, and money.  I want to tell Kim and Lexi that they have a lot of support, we all know the truth, and if they need my help at trial to talk about exactly what kind of women they are dealing with, I will be there.  I don’t understand why journalists and entertainment news outlets are afraid of LeAnn.

Both Katie Couric and Giuliana Rancic did interviews with LeAnn and spent the entire time kissing her ass instead of calling her ass out.  Why is it that nobody is asking her the tough questions?  She is clearly not well and instead of trying to make her accountable for her actions, she is treated like a victim and handled with kid gloves.  LeAnn Rimes is an inherently evil person in that she takes pleasure from hurting people.  Enough already.  People need to stop allowing her to lie and hurt innocent people.

LeAnn’s lawsuit against the Smiley family is ridiculous.  Important to note that she is indeed suing the entire family.  Every penny that is spent on legal fees is money taken away from this woman, her husband, and their six children.  Kim Smiley is an amazing lady and we do not need to feel sorry for her.  She is tough as nails and she will fight this to the bitter end because she fights for what is right every single day.  She does not need pity, she needs emotional and financial support to battle evil.

Kim Smiley did nothing to LeAnn except have an opinion of her.  Everyone has an opinion of LeAnn Rimes and the only ones who speak favorably about her, are the ones being paid to.  Her fans, her friends, and her husband are all on her payroll so I understand their support of her because nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds them.  At some point however one must believe that decency will prevail, karma will step in, and she will stop.  What a sad and lonely life she has that this is how she uses her time.

LeAnn Rimes says she does not read my blog, yet she is spending a lot of her holiday weekend tweeting about me.  She says I don’t know what I am talking about, yet continues to write letters to my editor trying to get me to stop. If what I write is not true, then why does she care what I say?  She gets upset when people try to discredit her, yet she has no problem trying to discredit me.  LeAnn Rimes is, in my humble opinion, mentally challenged, emotionally stunted, and suffering from mental illness.

She need not get offended by my blog because according to her I don’t know what I’m talking about, and she will never read it.  I agree that she will never read it because I find it highly unlikely that she can read.  She will pay someone to read it to her, then she will get mad, send another letter to the Jewish Journal, have her Twitter staff attack me, tell people I am treating her like Jews were treated by Nazis in the Holocaust, and let people know my blogs come from a place of jealousy.  Bless her.

LeAnn Rimes is a danger to herself and to others.  She should not be allowed to care for her husband’s children as she is incapable of making good decisions for herself, so how can she be trusted with young kids?  She needs for someone in her life to start telling her the truth.  She needs for someone to love her more than they love her money, and help her see what is happening and realize that she is ultimately hurting herself the most. We think she is an idiot and a whore, and that is her own fault.

You can read about the lawsuit against Kim Smiley and how you can help her and her  family at http://www.gofundme.com/HelptheSmileys.  If any media outlets or journalists want to talk to Kim, I will happily make an introduction.  If LeAnn wants me to tell her the truth, I will do that too.  LeAnn Rimes needs to donate all the money she is wasting on this garbage to the people of Oklahoma and focus on being decent. Not sure she has the capability, desire, or mental function to understand what it means to keep it real.