Love, Health, Clarity, Faith, God, Justin Bieber & Twitter

I have been thinking about love a lot lately.  I think love is grand and I am blessed to have people in my life that I love, in addition to having them love me back.  Not all of them love me back of course, George Clooney, but I am indeed loved and very grateful.  Love is special and comes in many forms. I love different things and different people differently.  In the past week I have really tried to take a step back from living my life to take a look at my life.  Am I doing all I can to be happy, healthy, and whole?  I have been so wrapped up in the chaos of my daily routine that I have missed things.

Life can be frantic and when you are raising a child, working, in a relationship, and trying to simply get through each day, you lose sight of the beauty that each day brings.  I realized this week that I have taken my son, my boyfriend, and myself for granted.  It is time for me to slow down. I want to be clearer in my love.  I say I love you many, many times during the day but I rarely stop to look the person in the eye and say I love you from an authentic place.  It is not enough to throw out an I love you as a routine response.  If I love you, I want you to know I really mean it.

I know a woman through Twitter and I learned this week that she is struggling through a health scare.  She is a remarkable woman and she is scared.  I wanted to comfort her and so I told her I would keep her in my prayers, but I also told her I loved her.  In telling this woman I have never met that I loved her, I was overcome with clarity.  I really do love her.  She is an inspiration to me as a mother and a woman, and I want her to be healthy.  I want her to know that I love and value her very much.

I am a seeker of many things.  I strive to have clarity on my life and that comes through in my faith.  I achieve clarify by listening to my breathing. When things are moving quickly I try to stop and pay attention to the air going into my lungs. Try it.  If you take a moment to listen you will perhaps appreciate what a gift it is to take a deep breath and know your body is working well.  It may not be the best looking body, but thank God it works and I am so happy to be healthy and able to love from a place of clarity.

Faith is different for everyone.  Even if you share a religion with someone, you may not approach faith the same way.   I believe in God and I turn to him to guide me in faith, but I also believe in myself, and it is through faith in my own self, that I am able to wake up each day and strive harder to have a good life.  Some days it’s just a blessing to make it to bedtime, but more often than not I am working hard to make my life full and to provide my son with a life full of love, compassion, health, and understanding.

After I spoke with my Twitter friend I checked to see if God was on Twitter.  I’m not sure why I checked, but I thought if God were there, I could send him a tweet to pray for my friend.  There were a few different accounts that mentioned God, but one in particular caught my eye. @TheTweetofGod has almost 400K followers.  The account has sent out 8000 tweets and many of them are silly or funny.  It is not a particularly inspirational or religious account, but it is coming from a Twitter God.

I saw that even with so many followers, they were only following one person. Before I checked who it was I guessed who it might be. The Pope? Jesus? Moses?  Who in the vast world of Twitter would God choose to follow?  Well, it was none other than Justin Bieber.  God follows Justin Bieber.  I started to laugh because it put it all into perspective for me.  God is great, faith is personal, and in the end you cannot argue with the power of Justin Bieber.  I am now following Justin Bieber and God on Twitter.

Perhaps the key to living a full and happy life is to not take it all so seriously. How much money we have, how much we weigh, the car we drive, or the house we own does not matter as much as the love we give and receive.  I am blessed in many ways and if I remember to take a moment to listen to my breathing instead of losing my breath by rushing through life, I will be fine. Find love, be healthy, seek clarity, trust in God, and when all else fails, listen to a Justin Bieber record, breathe deeply, and focus on keeping the faith.