A Double Dose of Shahs of Sunset

I have been a little turned off by the Shahs this season.  They have allowed fame to go to their heads and their charm is gone.  I still watch because I am addicted, and while I’m not as invested as I was last season, I have this silly hope they are watching themselves and see what has become of them in the same way we have.  If they do, they will kick themselves in the ass and get back on track for season three.  We’ll see.

I didn’t blog last week but there is some good crap to talk about so we need to go back so we can catch up.  Reza is packing to go back east to see his family for the Jewish high holidays.  I love Reza and think he is handsome and fabulous, but that hair.  Dear Lord.  It has got to go.  Reza is talking to his Dad and it is sweet.  He is nervous to see his Grandmother, but he is going and taking a few of his friends with him.  I am proud of him.

Asa is buying a diamond for her diamond water.  Seriously, this is insane. Asa is ridiculous and this water is lame.  Anyone who buys this water is, in my humble opinion, an idiot.  I don’t get this chick.  By not get this chick of course I mean I think she is off her rocker and I feel sad for her that she is humiliating herself.  I am laughing at her and also in awe that people are actually into her crap.  God bless her.  She makes good Kool Aid I guess.

She is looking at diamonds and is certain she feels something for a certain stone. Then she hears how much it costs and miraculously feels something stronger from a cheaper stone.  It is complete and total crap and I will stick to my wine and pass on her diamond garbage.  Over to GG, she is out with MJ and calling her out for playing games with everyone.  GG is pissed MJ was talking badly about Asa but is now friends with her.  GG and Asa are fighting.

MJ throws Reza and Asa under the bus saying they told MJ to pick a side. How old are these people?  It is high school and I’m bored.  Sidebar:  Does anyone else think GG has a really small mouth?  It’s interesting.  Mike is getting his ridiculously white teeth whitened by his brother.  He wants to introduce his Italian girlfriend to his Persian Jewish parents and is nervous. Do we really need to watch his dental procedure? I’m skipping this.

Asa is praying over her diamond water and I am laughing my ass off.  This is stupid and I am skipping ahead.  Important to note that I am skipping over a lot of this show, which says a lot.  I like to make fun of these people and I cannot stand to watch it long enough to properly mock them.  That’s just not right.  It is Shabbat dinner at Mike’s and it is so funny to watch the family checking out the shiksa.  I love the editing of this family dinner.

The dramatic music, the pregnant pauses, it is all brilliant.   Mike’s parents are adorable, his brothers are sweet, and the girlfriend Jessica is cute. Good luck kids.  That said, as a Jewish mother this is sad to me.  He couldn’t find a nice Jewish girl? Oy!  Mike, Asa, MJ and Reza are off to New York. I’m not getting the Boy George hat Asa is attached to.  They are driving around to fill an hour on a show with nothing, so we are skipping to GG.

GG is with Omid and it is sad.  She is thinking she could be with him seriously and he is saying he is a player.  He is a pig.  Back east Reza is having lunch with his Dad.  The story of his father leaving the family is very sad. The conversation is heartbreaking and to see Reza and his Dad cry touches me.  I really do love these people and it makes their dramatic change from season one to two even more disappointing.  I hope they get back to reality.

Lily is getting ready for a date and honestly people, everything about this girl is annoying except her dog.  She may be educated but she is also really dumb.  She is on a blind date with a guy named Hadi.  He is impressed with her beauty and she starts out charming, but that ends quickly.  Hadi is trying to be gracious but she is a rude bitch who won’t stop talking about her ex-boyfriend.  What is the appeal of this girl?  She is hideous.

Reza is explaining to the gang about his family and it is sad.  He wants to let it all go and feel compassion for a woman that has harmed his family.  He is kind and we see the man we all fell in love with. The Reza before he got a little too bitchy.   They arrive to dinner and the family is lovely.  The Grandmother is in the kitchen by herself and for reasons I cannot explain, I started to cry.  I feel for this woman and my heart breaks for her.

Reza goes to see her, remembering the last time he saw her she ignored him completely.   She demands a kiss and is loving, kind and grandmotherly.  I cannot stop crying.  Dear Lord what is happening to me? Enough Ilana.  All is forgiven and I am back to loving this show. It will pass of course and they will piss me off, but right now, I ain’t got nothing but love for the Shahs of Sunset.  Last week wraps and we are moving on.

Asa is at home and Reza comes to visit.  How does she own this house and is always complaining about having no money?  Reza asks her to meet with GG at Sammy’s house so everyone can make peace.  Asa reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile GG is having a pedicure with Lily.  Lily is bugging the crap out of me and their fake hang out is lame. GG wants us to know gingivitis is a procedure and I am laughing at how dumb these dingbats are.

Asa is recording a song in her Boy George hat.  Enough said.  We are skipping ahead.   Reza is meeting with GG and it is awkward.  This poor girl is trying to make up with everyone and it is desperate.  GG blames her bad behavior on her childhood but Reza is not buying it.  Reza is back!  He says they need a family meeting so the friends can make up. GG is in and we are off to lunch with MJ and her mother.  Vida is critical and starts up with MJ immediately.  Vida is a beautiful woman and I love her accent.

MJ tells her she has been in therapy and she would like her to go with her. Vida agrees to go.  By agrees to go of course I mean she blames MJ for hanging onto the past, indirectly calls her stupid, then gets mad at MJ for crying and leaves the table.  MJ tells the waiter to pack their food, Vida comes back and yells at the waiter for taking her food, then agrees to go to therapy with MJ.  I am laughing and crying at the same time.

Lily is at work and her ex-boyfriend’s friend come to see her.  Scripted.  He tells her she needs to give up on her bikini business and go back to practicing law.  He tells her she is not behaving like a good Persian girl needs to get it together.  He tells her she would be married to her ex already if she would stop with bathing suits and go back to practicing law.  Lame.  Lily is not married because she is ridiculous, not because of her ugly bathing suits.

MJ is with her mom at the Debby Harry lookalike therapist.  Couldn’t the therapist afford to get her hair colored before taping?  Come on. The session is personal and hurtful, but healing.  I am not a believer in televising therapy so I’m going to not comment any further on this.  Reza gets everyone to agree to go to dinner at Sammy’s house to sort things out with GG.  We then have therapy with GG so I am going to skip over that too.

We are now at Sammy’ house.  I love me some Sammy and don’t get what happened that he is not longer a featured character.  Sammy is good people, his house is killer, and everyone is arriving.  Those who are needed, and those who are not.  Omid. GG is there to make peace with Asa but completely ignores Asa.  Stupid.  Omid is talking code as a way to talk smack about Mike and it is on.  Mike is pissed and Omid is being a douche.

Mike is calm, GG is an idiot, and Reza is pissed he can’t enjoy his meal before things get ugly.  Omid threatens Mike and it is over.  Reza is annoyed with the terrorist, Omid, for busting up the peace summit.  I love Reza.  He wants a show of dicks to see whose is bigger and let me just say it again, Reza is back!  The fight continues next week so we’ll pick it up then.  Next week is the season finale and I have hope they will end by keeping it real.