Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Dumb and Dumber

We are back in Beverly Hills and these women do not disappoint.  Love them or hate them, they keep us engaged.  I don't like that many of them and so watching is good but blogging is great because it is more fun to write about the annoying ones. We pick up at the Moroccan dinner.

Mauricio is bagging on Brandi and we again see that just like his wife, he is an idiot. These people are rude, mean, and in love with their own voices.  They seem to think their opinions matter and they don’t. Not to any of the cast, and certainly not to us.    Mauricio needs to back the hell down and stay out of this.

Brandi is screaming at Mauricio and he won’t let it go.  Vile Kyle tells him to stop and says she does not want Brandi to feel attacked.  Well then, leave your husband at home.  Ken and Lisa are defending Brandi, but the attacks continue and she is pushed up against a wall.  It has gotten ugly.

Kim says she has been a single mom a long time and as such you must learn to keep your mouth shut.  Really?  I have been a single mother for 17 years and I have learned to never keep my mouth shut.  I will fight for my child.  Kim, like her sister and brother-in-law, is an idiot.

Drunk husband killer is talking about how she has been through more than anyone and I am laughing.  She is disgusting.  She tells Camille she doesn’t care about Yolanda’s opinion and gives us a laundry list of all her problems.  She then throws Yolanda’s husband under the bus.

The implication is that David Foster has skeletons in the closet.  Camille talks about how she does not care about Taylor’s story anymore, yet she sits with her at every event and listens to them. Taylor is a drunk, Yolanda does not care about any of them, and Lisa is a lady.

Brandi has to fight all the crap her sperm donor and his whore throw at her, then has to deal with these lunatics.  Kim and Mauricio realize they agree with each other and are surprised.  I’m not surprised.  They are both idiotic so of course they agree.  I wish this family would get fired.

Ken is a mensch and gallant in his defense of his friend.  Lisa and Ken share that things have changed in their relationship with Kyle and Mauricio.  They are too good to hang out with garbage.  Lisa wants to be pushed on her swing and it is adorable.  I love these two.

Kyle and Mauricio are having Paul and Adrienne over for dinner.  Adrienne is always on her phone.  Who the hell is she texting all the time?  Certainly not her stylist because it would appear she does not have one.  This chick needs new clothes, new hair, and her old face.

Kyle is making everything about her and Adrienne brings it back to Brandi. We know Paul and Adrienne hate each other and their marriage was already ending, so watching them fake it is lame.  They are lying, this is about their issues not Brandi, and their desperation is unattractive.

Kyle is again making it all about her and I’m grossed out.  Adrienne is over it and we are off to Yolanda's.  She is talking about her ex Mohammed and how they still work together in that she decorates his homes. She is condescending to the help and I find myself not really getting her.

Kim is having her physic over to explain that she is feeling spirits in her home.  This woman is insane and so is the medium..  Kim seems to be drunk.  I know she is not, bless her, so I'm guessing her dumbness comes across as drunk.  The entire scene is embarrassing.

Sidebar:  Kyle doing commercials for Turbo Tax gives me a sharp lower back pain.  Yolanda is with Mohammed and their kids at his house. Their relationship is sweet and I dig her view on it.  That said, I think her grace comes fr money not an authentic kindness.

Kyle and her whore Faye are shopping.  Faye is talking about how she is a designer and it is something you are born with. Faye is a loser who is after an additional 15 minutes of fame because her first run, where she danced on the grave of her friend, was not enough.

Brandi is out with Marisa, her husband and brother.  Weird that the brother comes to everything, but whatever.  Her husband seems sweet and Brandi feels for him because Marisa brags about her husband, then in the same minute says he does not make enough money. 

Brandi is going to Vegas and has invited Marisa, Yolanda and Lisa.  Marisa is not that into her husband and I find her to be weird.  That said, I like her, but to be clear, she is weird.  Over to Brandi, she is going to an event where Kyle will be and she wants to make sure they are cool.

Kyle says she does not hold a grudge for Brandi calling her husband an asshole, but does not apologize for her husband being an asshole. At the gallery Brandi is there with her pal Jennifer who I love.  I think the gallery owner was on Millionaire Matchmaker. Am I right about that?

Yolanda is alone.  Poor thing.  Her husband never comes out. Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi get a tour and Yolanda sees a painting she likes.  It is listed at 14K but she wants a deal.  Kyle arrives looking absolutely ridiculous. What the hell is she wearing?  How old does she think she is?

Yolanda buys a painting, after ripping the artist off in front of all of us. Brandi invites the rest of the girls to Vegas.  Taylor can’t come because she is going to try to make money off the death of her husband again.  Paris Hilton shows up and her walk cracks me up.  She is just silly.

I have met Paris and she is sweet, but honestly, this chick is dumb. The Richards/Hilton family are attractive, not bright.  Is it better to be really dumb and gorgeous, or not as attractive and really smart?  Hard to say but in the case of this family, they are dumb and dumber.

Marisa talks horribly about her husband and Brandi points it out.  This woman is looking for fame and excitement and I feel bad for her husband. This is not going to end well when he sees what smack she is talking about him.   I’d love to be a fly on the wall as they watch this episode.

Mauricio uses the party as an opportunity to give Ken a gift. but Ken is not into the sucking up.  I love Ken so much. He is lovely, stands up for the honor and integrity of the ladies in his life, and I think he is divine.  Mauricio feels the brush off and it is great.

Mauricio then lands himself in Pussyville when he gossips about his interaction with Lisa to Kyle and husband killer.  He seems to think he is a housewife.  Oy!  I like this show, but I love to blog this show.  I will be back next week with a bottle of wine, ready for Vegas, and keeping it real.