Fame is Ruining Shahs of Sunset

I love this show and like a lot of the cast.  Last season it was frustrating there was only six episodes and I was excited for them to come back with a full second season.  I did not blog about the first two shows because of time restraints, then I was away on holiday for two episodes.  I sat down today and watched all aired episodes of the new season and I must tell you, I am disappointed in what has happened to what used to be a fun show.

Last season they were authentic and refreshing.  They looked like real people and had lives that were interesting.  This year they are affected, mean spirited, fake, and not at all charming.  They are painfully aware of the cameras, and it’s a miracle they are able to carry around such massive egos. I honestly enjoyed this show and was supportive to them when others were not, but at this point I am struggling to find something nice to say.

Mike used to be charming, and now he is desperate.  Asa was odd, and now is just weird.  Mercedes was wounded, and now is broken.  Sammy was harmless, and now is invisible.  GG was entertaining, and is now pathetic. Reza was perfection, and is now shady.  New girl Lily is not even a little bit entertaining.  Important to note that the plastic surgeon that put those huge boobs on that tiny body should be sued for malpractice.

These are not young kids.  They are middle-aged people who are behaving as children and it is embarrassing.  They are mean to each other and unkind to everyone else.  They drink too way too much, way too often, and seem to take pleasure in humiliating each other on television.  The only thing worse than the show, is watching them in live interviews.  These people went from fabulous to horrific in a season and I am surprised by all of them.

To clarify, I still think these are entertaining people.  I hope they look at the season and are embarrassed enough that when they come back for season three they can get back on track and stop with the ugliness.  They are so affected by the fame that it is both sad and fascinating.  They are all selling stuff, selling themselves, and hurting each other in order to propel themselves forward.  Shame on all of them for selling out so fast.

Ryan Seacrest Productions needs to take a look at this show and take a step backwards.  Get rid of Lily because we don’t care about her.  Bring back Sammy because he should be there.  Don’t give Reza his own show because his head will explode.  Help Mike get a job so he can stop flailing. Focus on MJ finding love, not questioning the love of her mother.  Give GG all of MJ’s pills, and explain to Asa that selling bottled water is selling out.

I am not giving up on this show or these people.  I think they have all gotten caught up in the fame and potential for fortune so I am going to cut them a little slack.  Once they remember we liked them for being real, and realize they are acting unreal for the cameras, they will readjust and all will be forgiven.  I won’t bother to blog past episodes and will pick up blogging next weekend.  I really hope this group can get back to keeping it real.