The Rise and Fall of Bethenny Frankel

I don’t get Bethenny Frankel.  There are parts of her personality and career that I think are truly fabulous, and other parts of her that are so laughable, I am constantly amazed this woman has a career at all.  Her lies are deep and continuous.  She has lied so much there is simply no way she can keep it all straight.  Bethenny Frankel has built an empire on a series of epic lies and when it comes to her popularity, I simply don’t get it.

We have watched her build a life and career for herself, and while occasionally interesting, and sometimes funny, it has mostly been fascinating. We have watched her lie, I have even been dragged into her lies, and yet people still think she is a role model.  If you want to be a pathological liar who uses people to achieve her goals, then yes, she is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Take off the rose colored glasses and you will see the truth.

In the span of five Hollywood minutes, Bethenny announced her separation, her divorce, then the divorce demands to her husband Jason Hoppy.  She seems to forget we have been watching her for years and seen exactly what she has said and done to this man and his family.  She used him to get where and what she wanted, and now that she has it, she is dumping his ass. Is she so delusional that she thinks America will take her side?

News flash Bethenny, we all love your husband.  Furthermore, we love his parents, and we love his daughter.  I think I speak for many when I say we are on their side.  In the end you can pull the victim card and talk on Ellen about how hard you tried to save your marriage, but we are laughing at you and how absurd you are.  You, just like your mother, used men to get what you wanted and the only victim here your beautiful and innocent child.

When Bethenny lied about being lost at sea, I spoke with the tugboat captain and the coast guard.  When it was proven that she lied, her response was to serve gag orders on those who spoke with me.  When I wrote that I was of the opinion that she slept her way to the top, I got emails from her friends, who apparently all write from the same IP address, defending her and blasting me for speaking ill of their beloved friend.

Bethenny asked her assistant Julie to be daughter’s Godmother, then asked her makeup artist to have custody of the baby should she and Jason die. She has no friends other than those she pays, and who are willing to sign away their rights to ever speak of her.  She has openly disrespected her husband and we have seen her cross the line of sexual boundaries over and over again. She makes no secret of the fact her marriage was not that important.

Bethenny would have none of her success without Jason.  She got her own shows because she was getting married and having a baby.  It was those shows that catapulted her Skinnygirl drinks.  Important to note those drinks suck ass.  They truly do not taste good. The Sangria in particular is quite bad and her signature margarita is better suited as window cleaner than a refreshing drink for a hot day. Not good people.  Save your money.

Everyone is talking about the pre-nup and what Jason will get.  If it were up to me I’d give him half, and even that would not be enough.  She used him and now that she is done, her lies will result in her crashing and burning.   Is it a coincidence she filed for divorce 9 months before her talk show is to debut?  I don’t think so.  She knows it is a cash cow and she wants it all for herself. Plus she can play the poor divorced me card for sympathy.

She figures she survived her parent’s divorce and she will love her baby enough to see her through it, but it does not work like that.  My son was only a few months old when I got divorced and it was hard for him even though he had no memory of his parents ever being together.  Divorce is hard on children.  Even though some marriages are not meant to be, that does not make it any easier for a child to go through it. Divorce is traumatic.

Bethenny, in her search for fame and fortune, has broken hearts and stepped on so many bodies during her rise to the top that when she falls, and it would appear it has begun, she will see a lot of pissed off faces on her way down.  Jason should take her for as much as he can and fight for joint custody of that baby.  Half her life spent with her dad is her only shot at normalcy because her mother is a loon and she meeds her dad to balance out the crazy.

When Bethenny went on Ellen and sniffed and cried I was on the floor laughing   She turned the crocodile tears off in an instant and it was classic. This woman is not devastated by her divorce.  She could care less is my guess.  We have watched her systematically try to destroy this man’s spirit, humiliate his family, discard friends, and mock those she feels she is better than.  That she has fans at all is remarkable but to each their own.

That said, to those who love her, God bless.  We are all entitled to our opinions about people and if you think she is fabulous, then good for you.  I respect your right to like her, buy her products, and support her talk show.  In return you should respect my opinion also.  That opinion being that she is a pathological fame whore who values money and celebrity more than her family, integrity, or future karma.  This woman is unstable and out of control.

For the trolls who will write to say I am bitter and jealous, not really.  Do I wish I had enough money to secure the future of my child?  Yes.  Does that make me jealous?  No.  Do I write about her because she has put her life out there for me observe and comment on?  Yes.  Does that make me bitter? No. It just makes me a woman with a voice, just like her. Only difference between her and me is that I keep it real.