TMZ, LeAnn Rimes & Carly Rose

I love celebrity news and I get most of my information from TMZ.  I have written here more than once that when it comes to the world of entertainment, you can’t believe anything you read or hear until it is confirmed by TMZ.  These people know their stuff.

In the interest of full disclosure, I totally have a crush on Harvey Levin because brilliant Jewish men are kind of my thing, but my love for Harvey has nothing to with the fact that when it comes to Hollywood and her celebrities, it ain’t true unless TMZ tells you it is.  

TMZ has been reporting about LeAnn Rimes and her appearance on X Factor this week.  Rimes sang a duet with finalist Cary Rose and if we are going to keep it real, which is what we do here, Rimes crapped all over this little girl and her dream while making a complete and total ass of herself.

Carly Rose was my personal choice to win X Factor.  I liked her from day one. She is super talented, super cute, and while her voice is mature, she still manages to be a little girl, which at 13, is important.  She may not have won, but she is going to have a career in the music industry.

Sidebar: I cannot write about Carly and not give a shout out to Britney Spears.  I freaking love this chick.  Her stint on X Factor was brilliant.  She was funny, sweet, quirky, and motherly to the kids she mentored and I hope she comes back.  Mazel Tov on a great job Ms. Spears.

Important to note that X Factor winner Tate Stevens is a great singer. From how he loves his wife, to his faith in God, and his country roots, it makes sense he would win because he is the guy next door we all pull for.  I’m happy for him, but for just a minute, let’s place blame.

LeAnn Rimes may have single handedly lost the title for Carly.  It’s ridiculous of course to think this sad and pathetic former good singer could have such power, but since it is just so much fun to write about what a mess she is, let’s assume it was all her fault and call her out on it.

LeAnn was out of control during her performance.  From her apparent belch as she tried to start the song, to what appeared to be her forgetting the lyrics to her own song, she was a hot mess.  She slurred, screeched, rambled, and seemed to hold onto Carly so she wouldn’t fall.

LeAnn Rimes is an idiot.  By my opinion of course I mean everyone’s opinion, and by idiot of course I mean she is a complete moron. Perhaps she was high, drunk, or dehydrated from too many laxatives.  Either way, she never should have even been invited to be on the show.

I hear she wants to be a judge on X Factor and I know the poor girl needs money so her husband will stay with her, but we shouldn’t be punished because she is a home wrecking whore whose douchebag husband will only stay with her as long as she has cash to support him.

LeAnn’s performance was commented on by many and the overall feeling is that she ruined the song, Carly out-sang her, and she tried to outshine a little girl who is epically more talented than she is.  LeAnn Rimes is unraveling in front of our eyes and it is fascinating.

Her PR firm told TMZ that she was not drunk or high, simply trying to help Carly sing since she could not get the notes and was nervous.  Oh no she didn’t!  Important to note that her PR morons are new and very expensive. They were brought in to help America like her.  Really?

If this is her new PR team she might want to pack it all in now.  America does not like you LeAnn, and if you think you can crap all over this little girl and not have us talk about it, you are delusional.  LeAnn of course denies she ever said anything to TMZ, but again, we can trust TMZ.

Why would TMZ lie about LeAnn Riems of all people? Rimes is so dumb that she  made a fool of herself, tried to blame a child, and is now scarmbling to fix the mess that was created by the very people she is paying to help her.  Between her lawyer and PR team, this chick is screwed. 

She has the nerve to perform wasted, ruin the moment for Carly, then blame Carly, and lie about it? LeAnn Rimes is full of crap. Figuratively of course with all the laxatives she apparently takes.  Why is nobody stepping in and telling her to simply go away until she is feeling better?

She is obviously a mess and needs some help.  Karma is a bitch and she is not only paying a visit to LeAnn, she is moving in and taking over.  Carly didn’t lose because of LeAnn, and in the end Carly will always be a winner.  Thanks to LeAnn Carly is getting more press than the winner Tate.

It’s easier to spot a whore when she is standing next to an angel. Carly Rose is an angel and I will buy her record.  LeAnn Rimes is  whorible and I will not buy her record.  At the end of the day LeAnn is on her way out, Carly is on her way to the top, and TMZ continues to keep it real.