Reality Television Hiatus

I am off to London on vacation so Keeping it Real is on hiatus.  I’m not sure how I will handle the withdrawal.  Seriously.  I might need to seek medical attention to deal with it.  By medical attention of course I mean a few cocktails will be required at the exact moment my shows are airing back in Los Angeles.

I will be back in January and look forward to catching up with all of you, along with the Housewives, Shahs, and Bachelors.  That said, should LeAnn Rimes do something insane, I will blog about it from the UK.  By insane of course she is bound to have some drug/booze/laxative driven shenanigans.

I’m not singling out LeAnn of course. Bless her. Should any of the skanky fame whores I love to watch unravel do something of interest that reaches me across the pond, I will throw in my two cents.  Knowing how these people roll, I don’t imagine my hiatus will last as long as my vacation because they are all ridiculous.

Thank you for coming here everyday to read my take on the madness that is reality television, and special thanks to the Jewish Journal for allowing my opinionated and uncensored voice to be heard. Happy New Year everyone!  Be safe, be brave, be kind, be aware, and always keep it real.