Murder in Newtown – God Help Us All

I am overwhelmed by what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  My heart is broken and I cry at the senseless loss. I simply do not understand what happened and I am struggling. So many lives lost, so many lives shattered, so many questions will never be answered.

These families were lighting menorahs, decorating trees, and enjoying the holiday season.  Life was being lived one evening, and the next morning everything is different.  If I am feeling this kind of pain, what must it be like for these families?  It all makes it hard for me to breathe.

For those who bear tonight the unbearable

burden of unimaginable grief,

who in their agony yell at the forces of fate…

For those who moan and those who faint,

for those who rage and those who pray,

we moan and pray along with them.

For tonight, those were our children too.

Dear God, May a legion of angels come upon the parents

and bring to them an otherworldly touch,

an otherworldly comfort and otherworldly sense that their children

are well, that they are safe with God,

and shall be with them always.

Give to those who grieve what no mortal force can give…

the touch of Your Hand upon their heart.

May all who are touched by this darkness be Lit by Your grace.

Please wipe away all tears, dear God. as only You can do.


— Marianne Williamson

I don’t know what to do, or what to think.  I am so sad.  I take comfort in prayer, and my tears are a release, but my heart is broken in a way that is confusing.  I am keeping these families, those babies, and their heroes in my prayers.  The loss is staggering and one can only hope they take comfort in the love we send them.  May God help us all as we struggle to keep the faith.