November 14, 2018


The exterior of The Broad museum has become one of the most distinctive architectural features — and selfie backgrounds — in downtown LA.
In this weekly column I typically come up with a craft project or explore a decorating trend, but this week it seemed almost trivial in
This World Series has been a real nail biter. So, as Dodger fans, let’s cheer on our home team with some easy Dodger-themed floral
2019 may be a few months away, but some of the major paint companies already have named their choices for next year’s signature color.
As the temperatures finally drop here in Southern California and it feels a little bit like fall, you may be in the mood to spruce up
Here’s an easy and affordable way to brighten your school or work day. Transform your ordinary pens into a veritable garden of flowers.
People seem to pass on their used glass vases to me — those left over from old flower arrangements or the ones they picked u
One of the most joyful ways for children to participate in Simchat Torah is to wave flags in the synagogue.
A couple of months ago in the Journal, a story headlined “The Many Facets of the Sephardic Spirit” featured a cover photograph with an...
It’s time to clean up your act — with homemade floral soap bars. If you’ve never made soap, you won’t believe how easy it is to make.
One of my favorite crafts when I was a little kid was string art. I remember my fourth-grade teacher helping me pound nails into a...
One of the most coveted fashion accessories worn at outdoor festivals is the floral crown. But it’s not just for the likes of...
As a dietitian and an Orthodox Jew, I recently was asked this question: As someone who follows a kosher diet, are there any vitamins...
If you’ve seen the recent advertisements for the upcoming Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, you might have noticed this year’s logo graphic,
If you love candles, here’s a way to personalize them with photographs, drawings or quotations of your choice.
Why is this vase different from all other vases? No other vase is as perfect for your seder table as this one, which is not..
Because setting out Elijah’s cup is an important part of the Passover seder tradition, let’s make the cup as beautiful as we can.
I don’t like using umbrellas in the rain. They knock the head of strangers you pass on the street, tie up the use of one hand so you...
Nice set of books, right? Ah, but it’s a trompe  illusion, art that tricks the eye into thinking it’s looking at a three-dimensional object.
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