Matisyahu says new album in the works

Good news Matisyahu fans. The hip-hop/reggae/beat-boxing artist released the following message today: 

Happy Solar New Year to my friends and fans across the world.

I am writing this from my phone in my hotel room in Miami before a performance. Looking at the white curtains blowing against white walls, I'm brought back to my room in Tel Aviv several months ago across the ocean and I'm thinking about how much time I've spent in hotel rooms over the year; all the airplanes and time spent on my tour bus. All the soundchecks and times I sang “One Day”. All the breakthrough moments on stage and off. I feel our relationship has grown. I've come to meet, sing, and pray with so many people I've met at shows this past year. Getting to know my fans has been a major focus for me over the year. Reporters sometimes ask, “who are your fans?” I tell them they are not this or that…just as I am not any one thing. I am so excited to be growing and expanding as a human and a musician. I'm truly grateful to be given the chance to grow and create and have you all with me. My new record AKEDA will be released god willing this spring. It goes inward, which is my wish for the new year to you all. Continue to grow and change and live this insanity we have been given called life. Ill see you down the road with new music and fresh energy for the new year.

Akeda (“Binding of Isaac”) refers to a story in Genesis, in which Abraham is instructed by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac. 

I am sure we will find out soon enough why Matis has chosen such an uplifting reference as the name of his new record.