Catching Up With Mob Wives

I have not blogged this show for a couple of weeks.  I’ve been watching, but I get caught up in it and then don’t feel like writing. Plus, they are not always interesting and stretch storylines. I’m behind and apologize for those who have been waiting for me to get my act together.  I have two episodes to get through so we will move quickly because things have gone down.

Love and Karen are talking about Ramona and her wedding.  Who cares? Karen is having a “Pre-Nup Party”, but it has nothing to do with Ramona. Really?  These women are fabulous and when their stories are so obviously scripted I get bored.   Karen is jealous, Love is bitter, and Ramona could not care any less about what they all think about her.  I’m bored.

Drita is opening her shop and hiring her staff.  I am happy for her but if this is a set up for a show about her store I’ll pass.  She is cute when she shares with the applicants that Lee is a criminal, and reactions are awesome. We are now with Ramona as she talks about her wedding.  I don’t get why she wants this marriage so bad, but bless her and her kids.

Ang is with Carla bashing on Love.  She likes to sound tough but I’m not buying it. Impossible to know who is telling the truth, Love or Carla, but there is something odd about Carla, and something fabulous about Love, so pick a side and stick to it because these girls will cut a bitch.  So much drama with these people that it is exhausting to keep up.

Carla gets served with divorce papers.  Sad because I think she still loves Joe and wants him back.  Ramona is with Renee looking at shoes.  Important to note that not all reality stars can sing, and not all reality stars can design shoes.  Just saying.  Bless them all for milking their 15 minutes for all it is worth, but at some point you simply become a whore for money.

These women are real.  How they dress and look is refreshing.  Drita’s store is open and it is cute. She is happy and I hope she does well.  I bought one of her lipsticks online and it is great, so good for her.  Renee and Ang are talking about their kids and that is when I like them most.  Real mothers, and we see them clearly when talking about their kids.

Time for Karen’s pre-nup party.  Really?  This is stupid. Nobody is getting married but Ramona, and this is a passive aggressive way for Karen to embarrass Ramona.  These people don’t do pre-nups.  It’s a cash lifestyle and to have this scripted crap is a waste of my time.  Nobody wants to be there and the tension is dumb.  They could fight without this party.

Love is fired up and the party is a bust.  The girl who is giving the talk is mortified, but she should have known better.  This was a lame idea and Karen looks like a loser.  Carla does not go to the party.  She meets a friend for a drink and all she has to talk about is the other women.  She is talking smack about Love and this not going to end well.  I’m bored again.

Love takes Ramona off for a chat.  They are speaking nicely and no problems, then Karen comes over and makes it all about the drama.  Karen says she supports Ramona’s marriage, but she doesn’t and needs to own it already and stop dancing around.  Yelling has begun and a fight is brewing, all because of Karen, not Love.  Love gets set up at every turn.  Not good.

Ramona’s friend is sticking her nose where it does not belong and Love goes off on her.  She restrains herself and walks away without a punch, but it was close.  As for the friend, if you know you are going to be on television, can’t you touch up your roots?  Get to a salon Sweetie.  Not a good look for you. The party that never should have been is finally over.

Drita, Renee, and Karen are meeting for a drink and gossiping again. Lot’s of talking about each other on this show, but not a lot of talking to the person you have an issue with.  Renee is with her son AJ and he tells her he is moving out. She cries, I cry, and it is heartbreaking.  I cannot wrap my head around my son leaving me and so this was hard.  I love Renee.

Drita is having an 80’s themed birthday and we are watching more gossip. This show is all about gossip and not enough action.  I thought I didn’t blog because I was busy, but the truth is there is nothing to say.  It’s just a bunch of cackling hens talking, talking, talking, and talking.  Carla and Joe are talking about Love.  Wrap it up already. I’m bored again.

Carla needs to talk to Joe about Love to get a scene?  I’m not even paying attention anymore.  Drita is talking to Lee and I think they are cute.  Hope that works out.  I could never lead the life these women do with the men in their lives.  It is hard.  Ramona is trying on wedding dresses and she looks lovely.  The dress is important since it’s all he’ll see her in.

It’s party time and everyone is dressed up and ready to rumble.  Renee has set aside her hate of Carla for Drita, but Love can’t quite do it. Ang and Drita go out for a cigarette and Karen takes Love over for a chat with Carla. Really?  Karen is a shit disturber.  Karen tries to get a conversation going and before we know what is happening, Love is attacking Carla.

I’m not buying this at all.  The editing sucks because it goes from talking to punching with no instigation.  We are missing a big piece of this picture. Love was set up in my opinion and Karen and Bravo are to blame.  Karen for being an idiot and Bravo for editing the scene in a way that makes Love look she attacked for no reason.  Hair, nails, arms, and blood is flying.

Security steps in, Carla is bleeding, and Love is out.  Watching chicks fight is upsetting.  Renee goes to Carla’s aid and good for her.  Renee is a good broad and I am proud of her.  Karen is making it all about saving her ass, but let’s get real, Karen is to blame for this one.  Carla had the crap kicked out of her and she is not crying?  Again, we can blame Bravo’s editing.

Love leaves and Karen goes to talk to her, which pisses me off.  Karen caused the problem and now has an opinion?  Drita’s party is ruined and everyone is mad at Love, which is warranted, but why is nobody mad at Karen for using Drita’s party as a way to cause drama and make it about her?  I like Love, think she got screwed, and needs to rethink her friendships.

I feel bad for Carla.  She gets hated on by bloggers, and gets hated on by her cast mates.  The problem with Carla is that there is nothing sweet about her. All the women have an authentic and lovely side, but we have yet to see it with Carla. I’m not digging any of it.  There is an insane amount of security guards around, but nobody goes after Love after she attacked?

It was a set up.  A set up for Love, a set up for Carla, and a set up for Renee and Carla to talk because it’s hard to have a show when everyone hates each other.  I think these are fascinating women but the show needs to get back to what it was and I’m not sure it can when the women aren’t close like they were. Fame ruins people and ends their ability to keep it real.