Married to Medicine – Toya’s Hitler Ignorance UPDATE

Married to Medicine is my favorite reality show.  These women are fabulous and entertaining.  Not always appealing as people, but still good television. This week however, Toya Harris crossed a line that requires me to forgive her ignorance, but I just can’t.  I think she owes me an apology.  By me of course I mean everyone on the planet.  Toya Harris is moron.

In her Bravo blog, Ms Harris wrote: “Wanting people around you to stroke your ego is your and Hitler's version of friendship!”  I’m not sure what she meant by that, so let’s see if we can figure it out.  Perhaps if I understood her thought process, I wouldn’t be offended by her statement.  If I’m wrong about her, I will say so, so let’s see who owes an apology here.

Toya, when you referenced Mariah being a friend like Hitler, did you mean she was going to strip you down and march you into a gas chamber?  Was she going to take your children from you and burn them?  Was she going to have medical experiments done on you to see if black people are just like Germans?  Was she going to make you wear a black star everywhere?

Am I not getting the point?  Did I miss the joke?  How is it possible that a black woman could be so callous about Hitler?  African Americans have a dark history of being persecuted in this country, yet you made a joke about the dark and painful history of Jews.  What were you thinking?  There is no excuse for your comment, and you need to remove it from your blog.

Now, if you honestly don’t understand why it is offensive, then don’t take it down, but I refuse to believe you are that stupid.  We all make mistakes and I will forgive you because you were under stress, and felt the need to defend yourself because of the episode.  The longer you leave it up there however, without apologizing, the less likely forgiveness will come.

Hitler is not funny, not a joke, and not an appropriate reference when comparing your privileged life and friendships.  I am respectfully asking you to remove the statement from your blog, and apologize, as your cast mates have.  Respect yourself, the history of black Americans, and the 6 million Jews who died.  That is required if you want to keep it real.

UPDATE: Toya Harris wrote me on Twitter to say: “I don't respond to negative insults. The comment was not meant to disrespect the Jewish heritage & I believe u know this.”  She then went on to say: “I'll pray for you and you do the same for me.  Your insults are just rude & for attention.”  Let's talk about these tweets shall we?

First of all the Holocaust is not part of my Jewish “heritage”.   

her·i·tage  (hr-tj)


1. Property that is or can be inherited; an inheritance.

2. Something that is passed down from preceding generations; a tradition.

3. The status acquired by a person through birth; a birthright

The ignorance of this woman is staggering.  As for my being rude and seeking attention, well, you can't really argue with stupid, so I will let that one go.  I will point out however, that all insults are negative so I'm not sure why she needed to let me now my insults were negative.  Bless her that she manages to survive with that brain.

Toya Harris refuses to apologize for her statmeent, and has the nerve to imply that I am wrong for attacking her when I knew she meant nothing by it. I wonder how she would feel if I made a comment about slavery, or lynching.  African Americans and Jews have a shared dark history of hate and that a black woman would make a callous Hilter comment is just sad.  I will pray for her children as they are being raised with ignorance and hate.