Married to Medicine – The Brawl

It has been a long time since I was excited about a reality television show.  I watch most of them because I am addicted, not because I really love the show.  Real Housewives of New Jersey is fantastic and I am counting down to their return, but let me tell you, Married to Medicine is my new favorite. I love this show, love these women, and waited all week for them.

Mariah is visiting with Toya and lets us know they’re friends because their husbands work together, more than a real affinity for each other.  Mariah brings Toya a christening gown for her son’s baptism.  Toya lets Mariah know her son Avery will wear a suit, not a white gown.  Even me, the super Jew, knows a white gown is standard baptism wear.  Toya is weird to me.

I don’t get her, and while I think she is beautiful, she is also setting herself up for reality television divorce court.  Over to Dr. Jackie, she is with a patient.  Interesting that her patients would allow their procedures to be filmed for television, but whatever.  To each their own.  We learn Jackie’s parents were both teachers and she is a Type A personality.  Duh.

Dr. Jackie is all about fitness and probably hates fat people.  Dr. Simone comes to the gym to visit.  I love me some Dr. Simone.  I want to be friends with her.  We can have drinks while she gives me a pap smear.  Win, win. Simone lets us know Jackie is anti-social because work takes precedence. That does not sound like a fun life to me, but it clearly works for her.

Toya and Simone are out for a cigar.  Fabulous.  Toya is a poser.  She is bitching to Simone about Quad.  These girls are not kind to Miss. Quad. Granted Quad is a loose cannon, but how can you not love her?  She is all kinds of good crazy.  They are now gossiping about Mariah.  Toya is talking a lot of garbage about Mariah and she is stirring up crap.  Not cool.

Quad is a dog person.  By dog person of course I mean she thinks of them as her kids.  I don’t get dog people.  (Said the woman who loves her cat as if she gave birth to her herself.) Quad is all about dressing up her dogs, which is adorable.  The dogs don’t look like they think it is adorable and I actually think they looked embarrassed.  All kinds of crazy with this one.

Kari is getting ready for the party she and Mariah are throwing at her home. Kari wants us to know she did it all without an event planner.  It’s a party not brain surgery, but bless her for being proud of her work.  The house looks fabulous and it will be a lovely party.  Sidebar:  Atlanta looks gorgeous in the fall.  The colors are magnificent and the ATL looks beautiful.

Mariah is with her sister, Lake, picking out her outfit for the party.  Lake tells Mariah she is not into it because Mariah’s friends are insane. She tells Mariah that she heard Toya talking crap about her kids.  Turns out Mariah’s daughter has a different father than her husband.  He adopted Lauren and is her father, so she is pissed off by Toya opening her mouth.

Mariah shared something private with Toya and is angry Toya broke their confidence and put potential hurt on her baby.  Lake tells Mariah that her mother was also there, and Momma is out for blood.  Toya’s blood. Mariah now does not want to go to her own party because Toya will be there. I called it on Toya.  She is a gutter pig and hell is going to break loose.

Kari is pissed off she has done everything without Mariah’s help.  The cake has been delivered, but it is the wrong cake.  Oh dear.  Everyone is arriving and looks fabulous.  Important to note that when the Real Housewives of Atlanta dress up for an event they look like Vegas hookers, but this group looks beautiful.  Bravo to this lot of women for looking so lovely.

Duncan and Simone are talking medicine and we are reminded these are real people.  Love it. Mariah’s guest are pissed off she is not at her own party. Turns out Mariah is two hours late.  It’s going down people.  Mariah is oblivious to how rude her arrival time is.  Quad is with her and tensions are high.  Kari is pissed off and rightfully so.  Mariah is out of control.

Everyone is talking about how late Mariah is and Quad is sticking by Mariah. Mariah’s mom is not impressed with how the house looks.  I am actually nervous watching.  So good!  Toya tells Mariah’s mom to stop hating and Momma is ready to go after Toya.   Cut to a couple of dancers, which made no sense to me.  It was lame, and they were not at all entertaining.

Kari asks Toya why Mariah is being so mean to her.  Not sure why Kari asked Toya.  Toya is talking smack about Momma and asking why they are focused on comparing homes.  Really?  This from the woman who is moving so she can impress people with her house?  Toya is a bitch.  For real.  People are leaving and Mariah is mad.  They have been there for hours Sweetie!

Mariah insists she was late because she was lost, but nobody is buying it. Toya goes up to Mariah and asks her why her Momma chewed her out.  Dear Lord.  Toya is not only a bitch, but an idiot.  Toya calls Mariah, ghetto and the fight is on.  They are going at it like they are in a ring.  Quad is panicked for Mariah and Momma is hoping her daughter gets in an upper cut.

Kari is mortified, the husbands are stunned, the guests are shocked, and Mariah still does not think she is to blame for anything.  My, my, my. Remember when a couple of weeks ago I said this group of women were the classy version of the housewives?  I was kidding.  These women have jumped into the gutter.  Kari wants Mariah kicked out but she’s not leaving.

Important to note that while the fight was wrong for a million reasons, and Mariah's mom didn't help matters, Toya messed with the well being of a child and she should be ashamed of herself. There are lines that must never be crossed and she not only crossed them, but went back and forth over them.  Mariah was  wrong to throw the first punch, but I understand why she did.

The party ends with people practically running out.  Duncan is certain Mariah will get served with divorce papers in the morning, and Kari does the obligatory fake cry. This show is good.  By good of course I mean reality television gold.  Next week we will see the fall out of the party and I can’t wait.  These chicks are crazy, but they are keeping it real.