Married to Medicine – Classy & Trashy

These women are insane.  By insane of course I mean great television.  We are in week three of the most perfect reality train wreck and the women are staring to unravel.  They are going to seriously start humiliating themselves and I am sitting in front of the television like a dog at the dining room table waiting for a bone.  It is coming and it is going to be fabulous.

We are starting off with Mariah and Kari going to select wine for their joint birthday party for their husbands.  Such crap.  They know what wine they like and so this is a scripted meeting to talk about the fact that Kari uninvited Quad to the party.  Kari is pretentious, Mariah is waiting to attack, and their hug was fake.  Kari wants us to know she is a wine expert.

She reminds us she is European, because apparently Europeans know their wine.  Kari is hilarious and fancies herself to be fancier than she is.  Mariah is rolling with it, waiting for the big confession.  Kari makes an unfortunate joke about yeast infections, Mariah is not having it, and Kari’s lips and unbrushed hair are distracting.  Here we go with the crazy.

Kari tells Mariah she is unwilling to have Quad in her home.   Mariah says that Kari deserved what Quad said to her because she was rude first.  Kari is blowing smoke up Mariah’s ass by trying to be calm and ladylike, but Mariah is smarter than her and it is going down.  Mariah says they should cancel the party if Kari does not want her friends in her house.

Mariah wants the party cancelled and her deposit check back.  Kari jumps right on the train and agrees the party should be cancelled.  Just as it gets good, they jump to Dr. Jackie.  She is throwing a luncheon for her patients who have survived breast cancer.  I love Dr. Jackie and think she is fabulous. The scene about her gift bags however, was a waste of time.

Kari has now whipped out her checkbook and is going to pay off Mariah to “shut her up”.  Kari calls Mariah low class and I am dying.  Kari looks like a bitter and ridiculous bitch, while Mariah looks like a lady.  Mariah is a grown up and Kari is a mean teenage girl.  Mariah reins Kari in and saves the party, but Kari thinks it was her that salvaged the situation.  Poor Kari.

Mariah comes out the winner here.  She is a class act.  She calls herself the Queen Bee, which I think she is, but sadly she is dealing with worker bees that don’t really want to work and may be somewhat mentally challenged.  The party is on and Kari and Mariah are going to have lunch with Quad to re-invite her and make sure they are all okay so it can be calm.

Toya is on a mission to move on up in Atlanta society.  She wants a bigger house and she wants us to all know she is in charge of her family.  She is setting herself up for a huge fall.  Her attitude about money, her husband’s role, and her own, spell reality television divorce.  They are funny and cute together, but she needs to dial back the desperation a bit.

We are off to meet Dr. Jackie’s husband and her stepdaughter Kirsten.  Her husband calls her a stepmother, but Jackie wants to be referred to as the other mother.  Just like that, I am over Dr. Jackie.  I am my son’s only mother and his stepmother, while helping to raise my child and an important part of his life, is not his other mother.  She has lost her mind.

These LeAnn Rimes freaks needs to check themselves.  You are not her mother Jackie.  For real.  She says she is her mother in one breath, then says they have come a long way and it has been difficult on occasion.  She is not her mother, she is her stepparent, and I am finding it hard to like her. My own baggage of course, but still, she has pissed me off.

Kari is telling Duncan about her meeting with Mariah.  Kari tells him it was dark and ugly, but fails to mention it was her that made it dark and ugly. Kari is a troublemaker, but that is why she is on the show.  Over to Quad, she is with her two little dogs, her kids, and agrees support Dr. Jackie’s cancer event, and meet with Kari to smooth things over.

Dr. Simone is with her sister Carmen and they are cute together.  They are funny, silly, and close.  This is filler through and while it was a nice way to introduce Carmen, the editing between heavy and light is not smooth.  I want to enjoy this stuff, but I’m all wound up from the other stuff, so the transition is hard.  They need to edit the madness better.

Toya is with the architect for her new house and I am telling you, these scenes are going to be shown in her divorce proceedings.  Toya needs to relax and keep some of her money spending madness to herself.  I like Toya, and I love how ballsy and secure she is, but no good can come of this.  This is reality television Toya so be careful Honey.  You are crazy.

Dr. Simone is at Dr. Jackie’s event.  She is the only other cast member there.  We learn that Dr. Jackie has battled breast cancer twice.  Jackie and Simone are perfect together and they could have carried this show on their own.  Jackie is brave and courageous and I am glad she is okay.  I’m still pissed about the mother comment, but I love her.

Dr. Jackie is walking in a cancer awareness walk and Quad and Mariah are hilarious.  They come to support Jackie, who is somewhat offended by them coming in costumes and wanting to have fun.  Quad and Mariah did not know Jackie had cancer.  I get her seriousness, but she also needs to enjoy the blessings.  She has a message, but there must also be joy.

Quad is inspired by Jackie, Mariah respects how Jackie has grown, and Simone is sitting on the street in a chair clapping.  At the end of the day these women are all fabulous.  They are more real than the Real Housewives and are giving us a new type of reality television star.  I like them a lot.  I won’t hold back my opinions when blogging, but I like them.

Kari, Mariah, and Quad are at lunch.  Kari arrives with a cold hello and we see her inner transvestite.  Mariah sets up the chat for healing, and Kari is clearly nervous.  Quad is holding her own, staying calm, and sharing her truth.  Kari knocks Quad’s husband’s job, again, and Quad is annoyed.  Quad is the winner here.  She may be crazy, but she is the winner.

Everyone apologizes to everyone and Kari invites Quad to the party.  They make a joke about someone getting tossed in the pool at the party, and Kari mentions it will be Toya.  Cut to the preview of next week and it appears Toya is going to get shoved in the pool by Mariah.  These girls go from classy to trashy in the blink of an eye, which is totally keeping it real.