LeAnn Rimes is Mad at Me. Again.

I think LeAnn Rimes is odd.  By odd of course I mean I think she is unstable and in need of special care.  She seems to have a lot of time on her hands, and a lot of people who are willing to do whatever she asks of them.  I guess she is bored with no career to speak of to keep her busy. The woman is out of control and once again reading my blogs and having a go at my abilities as a writer and my faith.

LeAnn’s pathetic loser of a friend Darrell Brown took swipes at my faith last year, and this year it is her publicist who is judging my faith. I am not sure how it is that these non-Jews are qualified to speak of a faith they clearly have no knowledge of, but it is quite laughable.  Who exactly are these people? How desperate are they for cash? How much do they get paid to speak on behalf of their cowardly friend?

LeAnn Rimes insists she does not read blogs about her, or watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but the more she insists the more she exposes herself as a pathological liar.  She reads every single word I write about her and watches everything Brandi Glanville is in.  It is fact, it is proven, and her saying it is not her, but people who care about her, is hilarious.  People who care about her are paid to.

I write about LeAnn Rimes because she is interesting.  By interesting of course I mean her desperate attempts to seem interesting are interesting. She is laughable and I find it fascinating that a woman who could singlehandedly turn it around and fix her troubled reputation, would rather use her time to dig the hole she is sinking into deeper.  Her publicist is a moron and she would be well advised to cut him loose. Fast.

To LeAnn and her publicist, let me share a little something about Jewish people.  Watching reality television does not make one a bad Jew. Writing about reality television for a Jewish newspaper, does not make one a bad Jew.  Jews watch reality television, but the Jewish Journal is not for Jews only. Important to note that not only do Jews watch reality TV, we create it, write it, produce it, and star in it.  That’s how Jews roll.

Jews are everywhere people. In fact, there will be a large group of Jews represented at the Academy of Country Music Awards tonight, but one particular country singer will not be there.  Funny how that worked out. It cracks me up when people write my boss and question how he can allow me to taint his publication with my reality television blogs.  Keeping it Real is not a blog about faith, or the bible.  It is an entertainment blog.

I write two blogs at jewishjournal.com, am proudly the most popular blogger on the site, and it has nothing to do with my being Jewish.  That said, I certainly write with a Jewish worldview, and my sense of humor has a Jewish spin, but my voice is my own.  I do not write on behalf of all Jews.  I speak for myself and am blessed to live in a country where I can, and work for a publication and Editor who allow my voice to be heard.

LeAnn Rimes has taken offense to my writing about her.  I won’t reprint the letter from her publicist as it was not written to me, but I will tell you that I think he is an idiot.  They are mad because I wrote a while back that I would not write about LeAnn anymore, which I did, but am now writing about her again, which I am, and that makes me a liar.  Boo hoo, the bad Jewish lady is being mean so make her stop. She is a bad Jew!

Here’s the thing, I am one of a million people who write about LeAnn Rimes. She likes to have her minions attack people she does not like, and I am one in a long line of people she is angry with.  She would be well served to work with me, instead of against me.  She reads my blog, knows who I am, and rather than reach out to change my opinion, she behaves in a way that makes it impossible to not write about her.  She is ridiculous.

Both my editor and myself have offered LeAnn an opportunity to speak with me and share her thoughts about my blog and me.  I have offered to meet her in person, talk on camera, or on the phone, so it is all recorded and she cannot accuse me of spinning her words.  I have offered to write about our meeting but she declined.  She does not want to talk to me, yet she reads my blog daily and seems to really care about my opinion.

LeAnn Rimes offends me as a mother, woman, writer, and decent human being.  That said, I don’t know her, but feel for her because she was raised in an unusual environment.  At the end of the day she is someone’s child, and actually still a child herself.  I suggest to her that she put on her big girl panties and sit down with the mean old Jewish lady.  I will come with an open mind and if I am wrong about her, I will say so.

She clearly cares about my opinion, and is hurt by what I write about her, so lets talk.  I am not out to hurt the girl, I write what my truth is and if she thinks my perception is wrong, then fix it.  Stop having your friends write to get me fired, or kicked out of Judaism. (LMAO) Time to grow up and change your image, so why not start with the Jews? We are the chosen people after all. LeAnn has an open invitation to keep it real.