Married to Medicine – Ugly Beautiful People

I love this show.  We are two weeks in and I am hooked.  These women with money and privilege are more suited to Jerry Springer, which is what makes them really interesting to watch.  This show is not your standard train wreck, but rather a bunch of little crashes leading up to the big explosion. The timing is perfect.  Fascinating enough to keep us watching, but you just know something really good is coming if you can just hang on.  I suggest drinking while watching for added enjoyment.

We are still at Mariah’s party.  Listening to the doctors talk shop is oddly entertaining.  Quad arrives separately from her hubs so she can make an entrance.  Hilarious since it is not her party.  She sounds so much like Jackee Harry that I laugh every time she speaks and can’t really take her seriously.  Hard to know if she is really like that, or if this is her caricature for TV.  She is fun, but ultimately more annoying than interesting.  She is pretentious and I can’t tell if I like her.

Dr. Jackie is not at the party as she is working and it is probably best.  I love Jackie and think she is too classy for this group.  That said, we are on week two and she could be a whole lot of crazy in time. Sidebar:  Can anyone explain the eye shadow?  Is it 1984 in Atlanta?  Not cute. Quad ignores Toya and everyone notices.  Quad is on a mission to cut a bitch and her mouth is going to do the dirty work.  Quad goes after Kari and she does not even see it coming.  I love Kari Wells.

I still think Kari's lip injections are tragic, but this chick has balls and I am on her side. She is the perfect reality TV celebrity as she wants to be on TV more than she needs to, and she gets that it is all in good fun.  I respect a woman who respects the blogosphere. She reads blogs about her and when some Jewish blogger says she looks like a transvestite, she writes her and says she thought it was funny.  I may not like what she does on the show, but she has a fan in me.

Quad is on Kari like white on rice and she is going for the jugular.  Kari says Duncan was separated when they met and Quad calls her a medical mistress. Kari is offended and walks away, going to her husband for support.  She tells him what Quad said and laughs it off, but she is hurt and the tone has been set.  Toya is happy Quad found a new person to focus on and even Mariah is surprised by the balls Quad has. Quad is immature and no good will come of that in the end. 

Dr. Simone tries to talk sense into Quad but it is just too much.  Too much!  I am laughing out loud at this chick.  She is going to end up getting divorced and having her own show.  Everyone is talking about Quad but she is not backing down.  I like that the husbands are included in interviews.  They are part of the cast from the get go, as opposed to Real Housewives whose husbands came in as accessories but are now shoved down our throats.  I like the husbands.

Kari tells Quad she is offended and has not been married long enough to judge another marriage.  Not sure why that matters, but Kari is hurt so she is grasping at straws.  Kari says perhaps Quad’s husband has a mistress.  Into the gutter we go.  Jerry Springer must love this show.  Kari does her impression of Quad and it is great.  Then Quad takes it too far by making an anorexic joke at Kari’s expense.  Talk about cheating husbands, but don’t talk age or weight!

Kari shares she was anorexic when younger. Quad says she was worried about her but that is crap.  Quad is out of control.  All of a sudden it goes from day to night and I am laughing at the editing.  Kari gets her husband, in what appears to be hours later, and they are out.  Kari is so offended she left hours later!  The party is over and we are with Toya and her husband.  I think Toya is really pretty. She is on a mission to get her family into a bigger house with some flash.

Toya cannot pronounce the word Czar and it makes me laugh again.  No matter how much money you have, or how you dress, dumb is dumb and dumb is funny.   Dr. Jackie is visiting Dr. Simone.  I like these two.  Simone is hilarious and Jackie is uptight, but in an attractive way. It will be interesting to see if they can stay classy throughout the season.  I’ve got ten bucks they go Jerry Springer at least one time.   I could watch the season in one sitting.   My liver would like that.

Mariah is hanging with her husband and kids.  They are a beautiful family. He works nights so he can be with his family during the day.  Love it.  They are funny together.  Cut to Dr. Simone and she is meeting with a patient about a possible issue with her pregnancy. The transition between reality train wreck and true life reality is seamless.  I like that they keep bringing us back to the core of this show, which is medicine.  These people have serious lives that have nothing to do with cameras rolling.

We meet Simone’s husband and children.  They are a sweet family.  There is a lot of humor with the couples and that is nice to see.  They are not taking it so seriously, particularly Simone.  She is all about being a doctor, and wife and mother have their place.  Work clearly has the number one spot.  Over with Quad, she wants us to know she works and is great at her job.  She is a salesman but she wants us to think she is practically a doctor herself.  Quad is all kinds of crazy and fabulous.  Bless her.

Kari is out for lunch with Toya and tells her about her anorexia history.  She was so hurt she shot off a nasty text to Quad, calling her a whore and uninviting her to a party she is throwing with Mariah. Quad is Mariah’s friend and to not have included Mariah in the uninviting is going to cause a big mess. Bad for Kari, great for us.   Kari’s accent seems to change during the show, which I find hilarious.  She is now with her husband and we learn he has a bad heart valve and needs regular medical care.

Kari talks to Duncan about the medical mistress thing and Duncan is lovely. He adores his wife and has her back.  At the end of the day women behave badly to each other no matter how old they are.  You can take a girl out of high school, but you can’t take the high school out of the girl. According to Mariah, you can substitute the word ghetto for high school in this comment. Back to Simone her patient’s baby is going to be fine and yes, I cried for her.  Don’t judge me, I’ve been drinking.

Kari is at Mariah’s for lunch and I wonder who wears 6 inch heals and tight dress for lunch at home with a girlfriend.  Kari has drag queen hair and I am loving it.  Mariah wants to talk about the guest list for the party they are planning together.  It will be a birthday party for their husbands and Kari does not want Quad, but Quad is Mariah’s friend and she is going to ensureher coming.  Kari does not tell her about he text or that she uninvited her.  Cut to Quad and Mariah walking in the park.

Mariah is trying to help Quad so she can handle herself better.  Quad tells Mariah she has been uninvited and Mariah is pissed off.  She calls Quad her best friend which was odd.  We knew they were friends, but best friends? Mariah is going to have words with Kari next week.  I really like this show. Even the most unappealing people are still interesting, which makes for good television.  Too early to tell who will come out the winner, but for now I’m watching, blogging, and keeping it real.