Celebrity Apprentice All Star Recap

The reality television gods were on our side this week when the show was only an hour.  This is how it should always be.  This show is only worthy of 30 minutes so stretching it to an hour makes sense.  Going two hours every week gives me a headache, so tonight I am drinking wine, watching Trump, and thrilled that it will only take up an hour of my time.

The super annoying Piers Morgan is back to help Trump.  He makes me sick and the joy of it only being an hour is sucked out by his presence.  That said, at least we are only stuck with Morgan for an hour.  The task is to open an art gallery and 3D art pieces that they make themselves.  Trace is moved from his team to the other so the numbers are even. 

Lil Jon and Lisa Rinna are project managers.  For Lisa, Penn has all the ideas and Stephen is a dumbass.  I cannot stand Stephen Baldwin.  Nobody cares what he says or what he does.  Don’t even get me started on his selection of jeans.  I really want him to be fired already.  He does nothing, brings nothing, and gives me a pain in my lower back.

Dennis Rodman is divine, although creepy.  Lil Jon is simply divine. Busey is working with clay and a whack job in a way that makes you want to be wacky too.  Lisa Rinna is super polite and sweet to Gary and I love her for it.  When she was moved by his thoughts and danced to his madness, I thought she was fabulous.  I now want her to stay for the first time.

Morgan comes to see the team and makes sure to throw Omarosa under the bus.  He hates her and she hates him.  Boring already.  Trace Atkins is a killer when it comes to fundraising.  Bravo.  One of Gary’s pieces sells for 25K and I am thrilled for him.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but I love him. Love.  Meanwhile Omarosa is cheating and I love it.

Stephen Baldwin is under the impression that he is a real artist.  Nobody comes to buy his crap and he is mad that Lisa sold one of his pieces? Stephen Baldwin has not talent and his last name is the only thing we know him for.  His brother is a genius and he’s never there giving any money for his mom’s charity which speaks volumes about Stephen.

Baldwin is talking out of his ass and poor Gary is confused.  Trace is pissed off he had to switch teams but is happy to still be in the game.  Lisa wins with over 400K to St. Jude’s.  Lil Jon will bring Omarosa and Dennis to the boardroom because they raised the least amount of money.  I love it when this show is only an hour. Wham, bam, thank you Trump!

Omarosa raised 2K more than Dennis, but it was her own money.  She is trying to get rid of Lil Jon. Never going to happen.  Omarosa and Morgan are fighting and I’m bored.  Then Dennis goes after her and while entertaining, it is just yelling.  Omarosa is out and the only shot in hell Trump has to keep my attention is to stick to an hour to keep it real.