Bravo to Married to Medicine’s Kari Wells

This week marked the premier of Bravo’s latest reality show, Married to Medicine.  It follows a group of ladies in Atlanta who are either married to doctors, or doctors themselves.  It was explosive, mostly because some of the women are certifiable.  By certifiable of course I mean they are perfect for reality fame.  It will be interesting to see which marriages make it through the reality TV curse. One of the women featured is Kari Wells. 

Kari is married to an orthopedic surgeon and I was not particularly kind to her in my blog.  I can be a little over the top, which is fun, so I wrote the following: “We meet Kari and I am quite certain she used to be a man. Her accent is annoying, her attitude is pretentious, and she is on my nerves after less than five minutes.  She is married to Dr. Duncan who is an Orthopedic Surgeon.  They are both very attractive gentlemen.”  Harsh, but funny.

Well tonight, much to my surprise, I received a couple of very interesting tweets from Kari Wells on Twitter.  This is the exchange:

Kari: I loved your article it was well written and very opinionated. I laughed so much. Now check out

Ilana:  Kari Wells is FAB! She read my Married to Medicine recap & thought it was funny, not written in stone. Love it when reality stars get it.

Kari: love hard working, intelligent women who are making things happen, especially those with a great sense of humor. Keep it up

If I had a dollar for every time a reality star got my sense of humor and didn’t get mad and think I was mean, I’d have 5 bucks.  Well, I would actually now have 6. Kari’s reaching out to me on Twitter won’t change how I write my blog, but it certainly gives me a different perspective. Setting aside the fact that I called her a man, I love this woman’s balls for reaching out.  Kari Wells has a new fan in me because she can see the big picture.

Reality television is not brain surgery.  It is voyeurism and not at all based in reality.  It is fun and mindless television and I love it.  I am lucky that I not only get to watch it, but make a living writing about it. When you come across a person who appreciates the opportunity they have been given and know that bloggers help them more than they hurt them, it is a great moment.  It does not happen often so it is wonderful when it does.

Bravo to Kari Wells for being fabulous.  Married to Medicine is a fun romp and I am hooked after just one episode.  I can’t guarantee that I won’t call Kari a transvestite, but I can promise that when I write about her, it will be with a smile on my face and a tremendous amount of respect for her sense of humor and openness.  Important to note that it has only been one show and she might flip on me at some point, but I respect her keeping it real.