All Star Celebrity Apprentice is Not Fun to Blog

I like to watch this show, but must tell you that blogging it is not fun.  It drags on forever and I will, for the hundredth time, say that two hours a week is just too much to ask of us. This show should be an hour. Period. I’m going to plow through this week because quite frankly, nothing great happened.  It is the same thing over and over again. Here we go.

The show starts with the super annoying Stephen Baldwin giving his winnings to his mother.  I cannot stand Stephen, but I love his mom.  Her crush on Trump is the highlight of the show.  This week’s task is with Chi hair products.  I’m bored already.  Trump is pushing Arsenio’s new show and how everything Trump is fabulous.  I am in love with Jose Cuervo.

Marilu is leading her team and Claudio hers. Lil Jon won a challenge for the same product on his season so they have an advantage.  Claudia wants to use beauty queens for the challenge, and Dennis Rodman wants to use homeless people.  I love Dennis. Claudia is an airhead, but I think Marilu might be more annoying.  I could not care any less about this task.

Watching the bickering is no longer interesting.  We know who likes who, who annoys who, and who straight up hates who.  It’s a drag to sit through two hours of crap just to see who is kicked off.  It’s better to tape it, watch the first 15 minutes, then the last 15 minutes.  You can skip over the hour and a half in the middle and not miss a single thing of importance.

I have now been watching the task for over an hour and nothing has happened that is even worth writing about.  Stephen being an asshole? Lisa having gas? Gary seeing gas? Marilu stealing Ms. USA from Claudia? Nothing. This show is embarrassing.  It’s been nothing but setting up Omarosa and Gary to get fired, and everyone else trying to look smart.

We get a Joan Rivers impersonator, Trace with his guitar, and everyone else throwing each other under the bus.  We are then in the boardroom and Claudio loses.  Everyone agrees that Lil Jon was a top performer and Omarosa did nothing.  Then Claudio says she will bring Lil Jon and Dennis back for possible firing.  Everyone is scared of Omarosa. 

Watching Omarosa talk her way out of the boardroom is very impressive. She is not playing a game, but conducting business.  Gary is harmless, does what he is told, and I’m over people picking on him.  It’s old.  I am giving this show one more week to entertain me or I am out.  I will watch it in 30 minutes during the week and not blog it if they don’t pick up.

Omarosa is saved by fear once again.  Claudia is sent home and it would have been her even if Omarosa had been brought back.  Trump is losing his edge when Arsenio is more entertaining in the boardroom.  One more week is all I am going invest in this show.  I am barely hanging on and booze isn’t even helping so next week is their final shot at keeping it real.