Married to Medicine Explodes Onto Television

After hearing a lot of hype about this show, I was interested in seeing what all the fuss was about.  These women are something else.  Think of the Real Housewives of Atlanta with an edge.  It is the same train wreck, just different chicks driving the train.  Some are impressive, some crazy, and one might be a man.  I didn’t want to like it. Damn it!

We are in Atlanta and the first woman we meet is Mariah.  She is married to a doctor and the string that connects the women together. She is in love with herself and clearly likes to be the center of attention.  She is hosting a cocktail party at her home to celebrate her birthday.  It’s women only so the party will be used to introduce us to the cast of ladies.

Mariah is black and her husband is Indian.  They are living large and have two beautiful kids.  We meet Kari and I am quite certain she used to be a man. Her accent is annoying, her attitude is pretentious, and she is on my nerves after less than five minutes.  She is married to Dr. Duncan who is an Orthopedic Surgeon.  They are both very attractive gentlemen.

Toya is married to an ER doctor.  She is very pretty and I like her right away. Then comes Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie.  Jackie is all the things Sheree Whitfield wishes she was, and Simone wants to be just like Jackie. Jackie is a grown up and of all the women, I would most want to be friends with her.  Simone is a party girl trapped in a doctor’s life.

Quad is a wannabe and she is clearly in need of some mental health care. Interestingly enough, she is married to a Physciatrist.  If African American women were hoping this group of ladies would change the stereotypes that the Real Housewives of Atlanta perpetrated, they are going to be disappointed.  They may be rich and married up, but they are a mess.

Quad just got married and she is over the top.  By over the top of course I mean she is exhausting.  Quad and Kari are not friends.  Quad and Toya are not friends either.  Toya shares that Quad’s wedding was called off, by text. They got into a fight and he sent a text to everyone saying it was cancelled. Ouch.  Why is Toya sharing the story and not Quad?  Ouch.

Quad is unstable and Toya is a troublemaker. Quad keeps putting her finger in Toya’s face and Toya keeps pushing her hand away. Kari starts talking smack and the entitlement these chicks, who are simply married to doctors, feel is astonishing.  They are just men people.  Quad is ready to blow and in the end she is the Kenya Moore of the group.  Crazy is on.

Toya and Mariah are visiting at Kari’s. Mariah is making excuses for Quad and asks them to be patient with her.  Not going to happen.  We learn that Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone used to be partners.  Then Simone went out on her own and opened her own office next door.  I don’t understand their relationship yet and honestly can’t tell if they even like each other.

Kari is all sexed up for a sex night with her husband.  She answers the door half naked and he wants to talk about work and is not into her at all.  Kari’s mouth is ridiculous, her ego is out of control, and her accent sounds fake. He bails back to the hospital and she is left on her own.  The life of a well-married transvestite can be really hard.  Bless her.  Him.  Her.

Mariah is planning another party, this time for the doctor’s and their wives. I’m on the fence about her.  Over with Toya, she is trying to talk her husband into a bigger house. She talks about what they learned in counseling, then says she is “devising a scheme”.  What kind of therapist does she have that taught her the thing to do is to manipulate her husband?

Quad explains what happened with her husband before the wedding.  They fought, she left, he texted, she called the police, they were both arrested, they got married.  Good for them for airing their dirty laundry on their own, but this is not going to be good for them.  These are exactly the people who should not be on reality television. I predict failure for this couple.

Quad is unstable, but I like her.  She is good television, which means she is going to crash and burn quickly.  I am buckled up and will have more wine for next week.  Dr. Jackie asks Mariah over to talk about the fighting at her party.  Jackie does not want drama, or silliness, or women behaving badly. She is not sure how she will fit in and is right to be concerned.

There is a lot of honey, baby, child happening and it is annoying.  It sounds like they are trying a little too hard to sound southern.  Mariah is now visiting Quad, who reminds me of the actress Jackee Harry.  Mariah is making the rounds, stirring up trouble and at the same time calming things down.  I am digging Quad more at the end than at the beginning.

It is time for Mariah’s second party of the episode and fireworks are coming.  There is medical talk with the doctors, and then Quad arrives and she lets us know she is ready to take on Toya and Kari.  These women are a hot mess and simply pick up where RHOA finishes off, but I am hooked. I will blog them because these chicks are absolutely keeping it real.