Mob Wives: They Can’t All Be Winners

I love these women and I love this show, but this week was a bit slow and actually quite boring.  I get that they can’t all be winners, but this week was the type of show where you could do your laundry, empty the dishwasher, and take a call, but still not miss anything good.  I’m blogging it because I don’t want to miss a week, but the fact is, we could have missed this week.

Love is having headaches from a car accident and the doctor says she may be experiencing irritability or temper loss due to it.  Rally?  I love me some Love, but she was like that before the car accident.  The doctor is cute, Love is cute, it’s entertaining, but not really good television.  Love is a powerhouse and this was not a good use of her camera time. Moving on.

Karen is leaving Arizona and heading back to Staten Island.  She managed to take care of business, sort things out with Dave, and get things back on track with her daughter.  It was a good visit and I saw sides to Karen that I really like.  Back at home Drita is meeting with Carla and telling her she needs to work things out with Love.  I’m not really a fan of Carla.

Renee is visiting with her friend Jiton who owns a shoe store.  Renee is going to start a shoe line with her and is there to get things started on her dream of launching “Mob Candy”.  Drita is at her new store with Ang.  She is also starting her own business, a makeup store.  Good for them that they are using their fame to build better lives for them and their children.

The talk is still about Carla and Love.  Enough already. That’s all they talked about last week. They need to figure it out already because it is boring. Drita talks to Lee and hangs up before they can get into a fight.  I think Drita and Ang are fabulous.  Listening to them talk about how useless their husbands are is hilarious.  Women all have their own brain, men share one.

Ramona is planning her wedding and I think it is sad.  Bless her for wanting to marry Joe while he is home, but it is hard to watch with her kids there.  I get this is their life and they know, but still, not everything needs to be said in front of kids. I hope she gets what she wants and the wedding happens.  Ramona is a beautiful girl and her future is both bright and dark.

Karen is visiting with her cousin Rena.  I love it when we meet someone new people that are hardcore mob. It is fascinating that mob people live amongst us.  It is just like the Soprano’s.  These are people who are involved in an unreal life and when we get a glimpse into it I cannot get enough.  Hollywood has nothing on the real life stories of these women.  They are brave.

Carla is getting a facial from her father-in-law.  Joe is there and to see them together is interesting.  Carla is in love with Joe and I think she regrets not letting him come home.  I think she should take him back and in seeing them together like this, I think she should try to make it work again. I view Carla and Joe in the same way Ang does.  She made a mistake.

Love is getting her nails done with Drita and they are talking about Carla again.  Love is telling Drita what to tell Carla, and Carla is tells Drita what to tell Love.  Poor Drita.  She is trying to be friends with everyone and make peace, but she needs to back the hell out of that mess before it gets ugly.  No good will come of this until Love and Carla talk to each other.

Renee is rock climbing with AJ and they are cute.  She is trying so hard and while I know he loves his mother, he seems to be annoyed with her a lot.  I get it, but wish he would lighten up a little.  That said, they are very sweet together and I love how she loves him, and how he loves her back.  I wish Renee well and hope she stays happy, healthy, and whole.

It’s Love’s birthday and the girls, minus Carla, are out dancing.  Ramona and Karen are still bickering.  Storm arrives and he is yummy.  I hope that works out.  Cut to Renee getting a look at some sample shoes from her ideas. She is so excited.  While the shoes are not my taste, the idea of screwing in a heel with different colors is fabulous and I would buy those.

Carla is having a wine tasting and Ang and Drita are there. For the hundredth time, we are listening to them talk about Love and Carla again. Enough.  Carla denies everything Love says, and Love is certain what she is saying is true. I can’t believe they actually put this week together from nothing. Hopefully next week will get back on track and keep it real.