Working Out with the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Well here we are again and much to my surprise, I find myself liking Kenya Moore, more and more.  To be clear, I think she is a lunatic, but I also like a bit of crazy, and am a bit of crazy, so I am now firmly on Team Kenya.  This week looks good, finally, so let’s get started.

We pick up at Kandi’s party with Kenya storming off in an explosion of drama.  Walter is stalking her but I’m not sure why she is so upset about a man she didn’t really date, and who apparently suffers from penile dysfunction, but she is out and feeling very betrayed.

Instead of any of her “friends” checking on her, the hens all sit around cackling about her.  Cynthia is on a whole other level of gossiping.  She was her friend when she needed her, but would rather trash her for extra camera time now.  We jump from the party the divine NeNe.

NeNe looks beautiful and is talking about how great her life is now that her dreams are coming true.  NeNe and Gregg talk about their future and NeNe jokes she will move to LA and Gregg can stay behind with their son.  They have a great relationship and Nene plays the game like a fiddle.

Sidebar:  I want to know what kind of strapless bar she wears because she is always sporting off the shoulder shirts and her girls are securely hoisted.  They watch a scene from the New Normal and watching her watch herself is cute.  I really wish NeNe had her own reality show.

Cynthia is out with Kenya and they jump right into Kandi’s party.  Cynthia is telling Kenya she needs to move on and get over it, while Kenya is trying to say she wants back up from her girlfriends. Kenya admits she was a Drama Queen but Cynthia is the one who won’t let it go.

Kenya takes Cynthia’s advice and the point is that regardless of what the advice was, she just wanted backup.  She agrees she needs to move on and let Walter and his limpness go.  She won’t do it of course, but bless her for thinking she will.  We are off to therapy with Porsha.

I’m not a fan of televised therapy as no good can ever come of it, but here we go.  Porsha tells the therapist she wants a baby but her boss is not on the same page.  Porsha cries about her miscarriage and says her boss does not understand how hard it was for her to go through.

I feel for Porsha and understand and relate to what she is saying, but Dear Lord, this chick is such so dumb I find it hard to not laugh at her during such a serious conversation.  We jump to Kandi who is launching her Mary Kay-ish vibrators.  Does anyone else think Todd looks like Kanye West?

Kandi is crying as she talks about the joys of selling sex toys and I am laughing.  Kandi says her vibrator sales people are going to run the country. My, my, my.  Off to play catch up with NeNe and Cynthia.  It is a scripted glass of wine to talk about Nene and Gregg getting back together.

Kandi is talking to Todd while he brushes his teeth with no toothpaste.  She says she is having a hard time with her mom and needs to spend time with her.  The conversation is distracting because of her hideous nail polish.  Todd does not want her Mom to move into their house.

They get to talking and Kandi gets all Kenya when talking about the ring and a wedding.  They talk about babies and pre-nups and I’m bored.   It is time to shoot some work out videos!  Kenya is shooting in Atlanta while Phaedra is shooting in Beverly Hills.  It is getting real ugly, real fast.

Kenya says she is a cheerleader and Phaedra is a linebacker.  I must agree.  Kenya looks pretty and Phaedra looks like her boobs are being suffocated.  Kenya’s routine is serious while Phaedra is just silly and they are wearing outfits I do not understand.  I’m bored again.

We’re off to dinner with NeNe and Gregg.  Gregg is having a serious moment and NeNe is on her phone reading text messages.  He professes his love her, tells her she is beautiful, and it is sweet. They are laughing, joking, reminiscing, and being real, then he asks her to marry him again.

Nene says yes and it is lovely.  Next week will be the finale and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to Kenya’s party, but mostly I’m looking forward to it being over.  I’m off to watch Married to Medicine to see if these women interest me enough to blog about whether or not they keep it real.