Mob Wives – Enough with Carla and Love Already

We start this week still in Arizona with Karen and Ramona.  They are at Karen’s storage block so she can look through her files to help get her dad out of jail.  These flashes to her mob life are fascinating and we are reminded that these chicks are legit.  I like Karen now and not just because she scares me.  She has a good heart and I feel for her meeting the new girlfriend of her ex.  That is never a fun thing.  Ever.

Over with Renee, she is with AJ and she tells him she wants an attack dog. He seems a little disrespectful to me, and while I don’t know what their relationship is, he knows the camera is on and it would not kill him to be more supportive of his mother.  He knows her craziness so just deal with it and be more of a mensch.  Renee has issues to be sure, but she is kind and I like that she is fixing the parts of her that are broken. I think Renee is very brave.

Karen is going through old tapes of jail conversations with her dad and it is sad.  She feels guilty for her dad being in prison and Ramona lets her have it. Ramona yells at her that everyone has forgiven her, she has paid her debt to society, and it is time for her to forgive herself.  The sins of her father and not hers and I hope she finds peace.  Her life is was it is and she needs to focus on moving forward not analyzing the past.

Renee is off to Krav Maga classes with Drita.  Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces and it is hardcore.  I have taken these classes and they are fabulous and quite therapeutic.  Good for them.   It was fun, we then cut to Renee, Drita and Love having lunch.  Love and Renee are talking about their issues with Carla and Drita is bored with the conversation already.  She is friends with Carla so it is hard.

They move on to talking about Karen meeting Dave’s new girlfriend Rebecca. Listening to Drita talk about how she would meet the woman is classic.  I love Drita as much as I am afraid of her.  Cut to Karen going to meet her. Karen looks beautiful and Rebecca looks afraid. She also looks like one of the possessed little girls that is always in horror movies.   Rebecca looks like an idiot, probably because she is an idiot.  A very scared idiot.

Karen makes small talk and asks the basics.  Are you Italian?  Did you play sports?  Really?  Karen played sports too, she shoplifted and stole cars.  I love Karen.  She keeps stabbing Rebecca by reminding her Dave never bothered to mention her.  Perfection.  Rebecca says her taking Karina to a doctors appointment was not a big deal.  Here we go. This could be explosive or it could be boring, but either way it is good television.

It is a big deal you moron.  It is the job of a girl’s mother, not the chick who is banging her daddy. For real.  Karen drops the mob connection, and Rebecca looks like she might cry.  In the end it goes well, Dave is relieved, Karen is over it, and Rebecca is pissing herself.  Karen then invites them to a party at her house the next day.  Good for her.  She handles herself well and even with the digs, she comes out the winner. Rebecca is a tool.

Drita is doing the makeup for a photo shoot and she does a beautiful job. Cut to Love and Ang who are shopping because Love’s ex is coming to visit her. Love is in a fabulous red coat and when she is my best friend I am going to steal it out of her closet.   Ang learns she is a size J bra, J for jumbo.  Love is a size G, G for gangster.  I like these women and watching them rock curves in lingerie is fabulous.  These are real women.

Love is now bitching to Ang about crap Carla is talking, but Ang sets her straight.  Love needs to stop talking to everyone but Carla, and hit up Carla for a little chat.   Back to Arizona, Karen takes her dog for a bath and hangs out with Karina, who wants to know how it went with Rebecca.  Karina spills the beans that Dave is getting a new house with Rebecca and they are talking about kids.  Oy Vey.  Karen cries and I get it.

Karina worries that if they have another baby she will get less of him and that kills Karen.  Karen is living through things many single moms have gone through and I share in her tears.  I would have been a little more gangster with Rebecca, but good on her for showing self-control. Sidebar: the commercials for Wicked Single on VH1 make me want to take antibiotics. Back with Love she is on her date and crazy with anticipation.

This is the one man she loved and she is absolutely giddy in how she talks to him, and about him.  Her boobs are on the date too and they are fabulous. They are talking about their past.  She broke up with him because he got a girl pregnant and she couldn’t handle it.  He says her leaving really hurt. He calls her on her shit and she likes it.  It takes a strong man to handle so much Love and I dig them together. Mazel Tov to girly Love.

Karen’s party is on and Dave shows up with Rebecca, who Ramona thinks looks constipated.  Karen is hoping there is no fight with Ramona, but secretly hoping she knocks him down a notch.   Ramona is on a mission to get Dave and Karen back together.  No good can come of her efforts, but it does make for good television.   Ramona takes Rebecca off for a chat and she is brutal. She is mean, aggressive, and menacing.  It is perfection.

Rebecca passes the tests, and life goes on.  She is brave, but I’m sure she had to get a new pair of pants.  The best part of this episode was we didn’t see Carla.  Drita is at boot camp getting her ass kicked and it is awesome.  Ang goes to pick her up. I am fascinated by Ang.  That body is crazy.  Drita looks great, and before we can get out clean, they are talking about Carla and Love again.  Everyone is talking about them.

Next week looks like it will be another hour of everyone talking about Love and Carla, without a conversation between Love and Carla.  They need to just talk so we can stop with the scripted meetings about how much they hate each other.  I’d rather talk about Love and Fate and hope we see more of that next week. I love this show, love these women, and applaude them because in a sea of reality crap, they are keeping it real.