The Shahs of Sunset – The Rise and Fall of Reza

I have been very fair in my blogging of The Shahs of Sunset.  I liked them season one, interviewed a few of them, and watched with delight as they made their way through reality TV stardom.   They were funny, fresh, didn’t take themselves too seriously, were proud of their heritage, and owned all the stereotypes placed on them with laughter and indifference. They were simply good television.

When a Persian scholar trashed them in a blog, right here in The Jewish Journal, I came to their defense and suggested she not take it so seriously. I didn’t think they were harming how Persians are viewed, and while I’m not Persian, they are harmless in terms of making the world judge Persians. I give credit to the viewer.  We love reality TV and know better.

By season two I thought they were silly, and wrote as much.  They got mean to each other, embarrassed themselves, and got ugly.  They let fame go to their heads and it is a real shame.  I was not shy about blogging the show the way I saw it, and while I was certainly blunt, the underlying message was that I liked them and hoped they turned it around.

I follow them on Twitter and certainly have favorites.  I liked Sammy and was disappointed he was not a featured player season two.  I think Lily is useless, Asa is delusional, GG needs to walk away, Mike is invisible, MJ is perfect TV, and Reza was, by the end of season two, a complete douchelord who became everything that is bad about reality TV.

Reza used to follow me on Twitter.  We even tweeted back and forth. When I loved him, he loved me back.  After I wrote my final blog on the season, he blocked me on Twitter.  He posted a pic of him having lunch with MJ and I called bullshit.  I thought the picture must have been old because why would MJ be out with him after what he did to her on the reunion?

It was calculated to post the pic on the same day that we were watching him kill her on television. He was truly horrific to MJ on part two of the reunion and I was sad for her.  She sat there and took it, owned a lot of it, and watched as her friend of twenty years called her an addict, convicted felon, and overall disgusting human being.  Reza was hurtful and shameful.

Not only did he block me, but he tweeted that my commenting on the picture being lame was planted by MJ.  What happened to Reza?  He is now a ego driven asshole who is unwilling to face the facts.  The fact of the matter is that Reza was beloved in the beginning and is a laughing stock now.  People thought he was special but have now lost all respect for him.

The storyline of his family was compelling and brought tears to my eyes. It taught lessons of tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance.  He was on the fast track to being a superstar and could have written his own ticket to fame and fortune.  I think he knows he has blown it so rather than try to fix it, he is going to be a bully and a baby to anyone who calls him out.

I have mocked the insanity of Diamond Water, but I am not blocked by Asa. I have said Mike is not needed on the show, but I am not blocked by Mike.  I have said a lot of stuff about all of them, yet Reza is the only one to block me.  That says more about Reza than it does about me.  I have respect for those who have not blocked because it shows maturity.

At the end of the day who cares?  They will get another season, and I will watch, so whether Reza is following me makes no difference in what I blog, or how I blog.  What it does however, is cause me to think he is immature and ridiculous.  If a writer goes from liking you to mocking you, a mature person would want to turn it around, not be more obnoxious.

Reza was horrible on this season and truly disgusting on the reunion shows. He got ugly, mean, and aggressive.  Just own it and move on.  I don’t care what Reza thinks of me, but he should care what I think of him.  Don’t underestimate the power of a blog.  I speak for many when I say we loved you, now don’t, but are willing to stick it out until you snap back.

We have watched many people crash and burn from the experience of being on reality television.  We forget about them and wait for the next bunch of wannabes.  In the case of Reza, he needs to know that we will forgive him for being an asshole if he stops being an asshole.  It is stressful and we get it, but the time has come Reza to grow up and get back to keeping it real.